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    Is there an certain time to wait prior to purchasing a new model? I've heard that the first few off the assembly line may be more prone to defects and that there is usually some revision of the production process after feedback from customers is obtained. Thanks for any advice in advance of the new Treo.
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    Newer models can often have little glitches, but you have to weigh out some factors.

    1. I bought my Treo 600 only 2 months ago, and had no idea that the new model was around the corner. Although I have the latest hardware version of this phone, I now own a phone that will have a replacement in a month or so.

    2. Hardware manufacturers usually release software updates and patches to fix most glitches. Most phones have a writable memory to allow certain software changes to be made. So with this, you can feel a little more secure that you won't be left behind when a new rev of the phone comes out with later firmware.

    I say get the phone when you think it is best, and if you want to wait a while to see how things go, then you will always find people disagreeing that things work, or that they don't. Never 100% on one side of the fence.

    Good Luck!
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    You can wait around forever, because there will always be something new coming out "soon" but sooner or llater you need to jump in the market and buy something. even the treo600 wont be "outdated" for a while. the 610 is only good for the screen and the BT but or those who dont use BT and are used to the screen it wont realy matter.

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