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    I run a mail server that does pop3 so i needed a way to get e-mail without telling snapper to check every 5 minutes. I setup a script in my mailbox on my server that sends a sms message to my phone with the subject of the e-mail then i used treo helper to setup an sms trigger with the trigger text Subject: to launch snapper. So when i get an e-mail the phone gets a sms that tells it to go fetch e-mail on snapper and it deletes the sms message when it finishes so i don't have useless sms messages.
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    You can find one at

    require IMAP to work as full asynchronous operating.

    I never try oneby myself. I'm plan to try one soon.
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    the mail server i run does not have imap so i came up with the sms trigger solution, works like a charm and does not waste battery having snapper check every 5-10 minutes.
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    I have imap on my server and I have used works great but I just don't like it. I would like to use this method you have worked out with the script and apps. how did you write and apply this script on the server? this seems like a real solution to me since I really hate snapper and chatter wasting my battery.
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    first of all you need treohelper, im not sure where u can get it but just let me know and i can e-mail it to you. with treo helper u can setup a sms trigger. setup it to trigger snapper when u get a sms with "Subject:" in it. For the script u need to make a mailbox script that executes every time a e-mail comes in to that box.

    // sample program to sedn a notification email to an SMS server
    // in this example the SMS server will transmit the subject line to the
    // mobile phone
    // setup the variables used in the script
    scripttimeout 600
    const smsservice="" // edit this line to your SMS notification address
    const sender="your e-mail address here" // edit this line to your from address

    // create the new message and set the SMTP envelope
    var msg=new server.newmessage
    msg.write("FROM: "+message.header.fromname+" <"+message.header.fromaddress+">\n")
    msg.write("TO: "+sender+" <"+sender+">\n")
    msg.write("SUBJECT: "+message.header.subject+"\n");


    If you have any more questions feel free

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