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    Just talked with one of my Good reps and got some info on the new Treo. Here is the info he gave me about the new Treo.

    Double the RAM
    320x320 screen
    Blue tooth
    External Battery
    Keyboard changes
    Release date – late November, early December

    I know of some of this info is redundant postings, but worth throwing to the group just in case. Take for what it's worth; the units they have received for testing are hand built . They haven’t even hit the production lines.
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    double the ram? are u sure? all the other rumors and the pirated powerpoint slide did not show that. has Palm finally listen to the community?????
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    From what the rep said, it will be double. Of course, there hand built and have not gone into production, so anything can change. It's also possbile he has the wrong info. I guess will have to wait and see what the final product shows up as.
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    double the memory and a removable battery would be great. also some confirmation on the launch date and final specs would be great. maybe someone from PalmOne who lurk on these boards could throw us a bone. then again if they need a volunteer to help in field testing.... I volunteer!
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    i think what i've read is that there is a "backup" memory - so you don't have to rely on backing up to the last hotsync

    that may be where he's getting "double memory"

    any other ideas?
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    Anyone maybe think that PalmOne may own the rihts to the Treo650 website but has it under another owners name to keep us from finding out? Transfering ownership is totally acceptable for websites... I woudl think palmOne would have an issue with someone redirecting to them on a speculation basis and woudl sue for the rights to any site that did so (especially for a future product)...
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    sounds too, uh - "conspiratorial" for my blood
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    He just posted the publicly available Whois information that is easily and freely available for anyone that registers a domain name. I don't see anything wrong with that. If the person that registered the name didn't want to have that information publicly available they could have done it under a different name (dba) and used a PO Box.

    How about a little research before you take a shot at someone?
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    I personally own several websites but you will not find my name on them because an ISP operates them for me and they are the contact...
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    gharrod, if your name doesn't appear anywhere in the whois then you don't own the domain name.
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    Not true at all kschoenberg...I own a couple of domains and use a service called "domains by proxy". I am the true owner but my identity is hidden from the WHOIS Database completely.
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    Someone should trach Sandisk. My Sandisk 512Meg SD card is a major bottle neck on my Treo600 and it prevents me from enjoying reliable MP3 playing. Also, I think they are basically unreliable for data....
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    Here's some additional "freely available" info about the registered owner of the domain name. This info was in fact made available by her on the web. She is a real person who goes by the name Sasha. A professor of journalism at Boston University. A consultant to, among others, Palm Computing. Hmmm. See Other info available lots of places.
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    i hope it goes something like:

    BT (i guess for the headset)
    longer battery
    louder ringers/harder vibrate

    pretty much that. the rest of it aint going to really change...or drastically. but i hope they improve the ringers and vibrate.
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    Great threadl
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    Is there any information or speculation whether the new Treo will be EV-DO enabled?
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    The guys claims to be a Sprint employee.

    "Just something to chew on"
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    Dear Sir,

    Hmm, you sounded as if you have just handled the Treo Ace. Haven't you?

    Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spacehog
    the ace will have the same 32megs of memory (although more of it might be available to use, never checked that when i had it for the weekend).

    Did you take a picture of the new Treo? If you say no, I must ask, "Why the hell not?". If yes, and you are just not at liberty to show it, then I am if your story is really believable. If infact you did have a new Treo this weekend, then please by all means share the experience with your TC brethren.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor

    The $86 million worth of backlog was as of 31-May - last time I checked it's now 11-August.
    And when you posted 'Still going, still going! I wonder if Sprint STILL has a contractual commitment to PalmOne to buy more TREO 300s?' it was 8 August. You're either being deliberately argumentative or have a very strange use of language. Why use the present tense to talk about the past?

    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    As they might have done last quarter just before the end of the quarter, PalmOne might have shipped off the last of their old devices to those who contractually had to get some - and maybe agreed to a contract mod getting rid of any other purchase obligations for them - etc etc etc.
    The truth is neither you nor I have any data on the current status of the $86 million of contractual obligations, and my original point, that this backlog might well have been cleared already and thus poses no impediment to the release of the next model(s), still seems perfectly reasonable.

    Personally, I'd be surprised if palmOne isn't pushing hard to get the new model out within a year of the 600 (i.e. middle of October) to catch those (like me!) whose contracts expire then and will no longer be tied in. I also suspect that Bigtex is right and the Ace and 600 will be sold together, forming the first members of the promised family of smart phones. If this is the case, any question of remaining contractual obligation for 600s impinging on Ace release date becomes much less relevant.

    Time will tell

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