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    what does that mean?
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    It means some guy is simply speculating, and nothing else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ido
    what does that mean?

    it means that Palmone did not purchase the domain name of

    Someone calling themselves "Alexandra Norkin" purchased it and set it to send everyone who went there to palm's treo600 site instead.

    If palmone registered it, the "WHOIS" information would look more like...

    PalmOne, Inc. (WAZVBZMWGD)
    400 N. McCarthy Boulevard
    Milpitas, CA 95035

    Domain Name: PALMONE.COM

    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
    Palm Computing (35806052O) internic@PALM.COM
    PO BOX 58007
    Santa Clara, CA 95052-8007
    408-326-5915 fax: 408-326-7565
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobM
    Not to say that you are speaking the truth or lying, but it seems that all the people that appear to be in the new about future release of products always appear to have fewer than 5 posts in this why is that?
    if you cant figure that out well...
    it has something to do with identity and NDAs...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gharrod
    Here is a cool trick... type in and see what happens. palmOne owns, seems I have stumbled onto a pieceof the puzzle. By the way, yes, the page shows the current Treo 600...
    Want some more fun? Try Also interesting, there is no
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    when you get redirected page, did any of u watch the treo comercial?
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    thanks for the info, cruelpupet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hub
    Want some more fun? Try Also interesting, there is no
    Well, they own treo670 as well but not sure what that tells you, maybe they dont know what to call it...hmmmmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruelpupet
    Sorry it's a redirect!

    As much as I would love for this to be true, is in fact owned by...

    Domain Name..........
    Creation Date........ 2004-05-14
    Registration Date.... 2004-05-14
    Expiry Date.......... 2005-05-14
    Organisation Name.... Alexandra Norkin
    Organisation Address. 43 colburn rd
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Wellesley Hills
    Organisation Address. 02481
    Organisation Address. MA
    Organisation Address. UNITED STATES
    wow you just posted this person's entire life on the internet. what they do to you..? good job kid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yeah yeah
    wow you just posted this person's entire life on the internet. what they do to you..? good job kid.
    It's all public info available to anyone. At least he stripped off the person's phone# and email address which also displays in a WHOIS query.

    IMHO, no harm done.
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    Its often faked as well...
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    Ok, so I was at the Treo distributor's office earlier today (I live in Southeast Asia) to check out some accessories that they had and managed to have a casual conversation with someone higher up in their office.

    I mentioned the rumours going around on the net about the next generation of the Treo600 and asked if he had any info about it. He did not divulge any details, but did say that they expected to see it by the end of the year (presumably means that it will be slightly earlier in the US).

    He did mention bluetooth and higher res but no wifi. If I heard correctly, wifi it seems may be available as an SD expansion slot thing. He did not have any info on the name for the new device but did say that from a form factor point of view, it would look 80-90% like the Treo600, whatever that means. And yes, there will still be an antenna. I also remember him saying that it will be slightly more expensive that the Treo600 (don't know if this will be the same in the US).

    Finally, I asked about whether they would consider implementing a trade-in program for Treos since new devices are released every year and he mentioned that that is something that they are looking into (that's better than an outright no I suppose). A trade-in offer would be great for those in my country wanting to upgrade. I left the conversation at that as I was in a bit of a hurry.

    Thought that info was worth sharing.

    & before anyone tries to discredit what I have said above, please bear in mind that I have been on these forums since the days of owning my Treo270 and I have never posted rumours or nonsense on these boards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    Still going, still going! I wonder if Sprint STILL has a contractual commitment to PalmOne to buy more TREO 300s? (that would be part of that $86 million, BTW, and MIGHT explain why PalmOne said "smartphone products" rather than "TREO 600" in that 10k!)
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    Thanks for the info, cywong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkC

    The $86 million worth of backlog was as of 31-May - last time I checked it's now 11-August.

    As they might have done last quarter just before the end of the quarter, PalmOne might have shipped off the last of their old devices to those who contractually had to get some - and maybe agreed to a contract mod getting rid of any other purchase obligations for them - etc etc etc.

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    And eat crow you shall my friend. While I can make no statements as to whether or not the new Treo will be out this year(God, I hope so!) I do know this. The LG VX325 will be out by the end of October. How do I know? Because I just returned from a meeting in Atlanta with my Regional Director where we discussed products that will be heavily advertised in Radioshack flyers, radio, and tv adds. They were very adamant that due to the Motorola V710's success at Radioshack, we would be rolling out our first Sprint Bluetooth phone, the aforementioned LG. Now just for some clarification, Radioshack does not make statements like that off of POSSIBLE phone releases. After six years with this company I can tell you we don't say we're carrying a phone unless our buyers have already purchased them. We have also NEVER failed to rollout a phone when we said we would, ergo Sprint will have a Bluetooth phone this year. Now, a little backstory that I have yet to see discussed regarding the T608. There was one reason and one reason alone Sprint launched that phone: To be the first CDMA carrie to market with a Bluetooth phone. In order to do that they had to purchase a phone that was such poor quality that it's manufacturer had already written it off as a failure. Sprint purchased the remaining market ready units (and I use that term loosely) in order to beat the V710 to market, and rolled the phone out very haphazardly because they had not put any thought into how they would protect their precious Vision from being used as a modem. They told their CSR's to make sure people had their unlimited Vision removed if they purchased that phone. The CSR's weren't ready for the onslaught of rightious customer indignation, and many caved in the face of angry customers, thus leaving the Vision service intact. Sprint did not pull the phone because of this, they simply didn't have enough units to make it a mass market launch to begin with. They sold what they had, told their board and Wall Street they were first to market, and moved on with life and their plans to launch real Bluetooth products down the road. This is typical of Sprint in its quest to ALWAYS be first to market with any new product category (Samsung Uproar, anyone?). No big deal (unless you BOUGHT one of those pathetic phones), kudos all around for being first, now let's go rush out to be first with something else(Audiovox PM8920, anyone?). And there you have it.
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    So here is what I know as Facts:
    a. There is a new model in production as we speak and it is based on the 600.
    b. M-Systems definitely have something to do with it since there were several M-Systems people in PalmOne offices in the last months

    Thatís all I know for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by headshot
    ...b. M-Systems definitely have something to do with it
    Trashing Sandisk?

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    FWIW, I own a Sony-Ericsson T608 and while I'd much rather have a great convergence phone, I wouldn't call this a "pathetic phone." YMMV.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spacehog
    if you cant figure that out well...
    it has something to do with identity and NDAs...
    guess I cant figure that out
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