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    Quote Originally Posted by treoroy
    I'd be surprised if PalmOne released the next generation of the Treo 600 so quickly after the Verizon's introduction, now a couple weeks old. I'm figuring in time for the Christmas season.
    Well, just because Verizon took so long to qualify the product I dont think is a good enough reason for Palm to hold things back instead of creating an additonal income stream. After all, how much of their income comes from Verizon. Very little I would think at least for now. And in addition, it will probably take verizon another 6-8 months to qualify the new product so why wait for them.

    Just my thoughts

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    The treo 600 was announced over a year ago. It's about time for a new one. (wasn't handspring / palmone on a one year product cycle and trying to move to a 6 month cycle)
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    I hope they use OS 6 for the ACE... Which, I know, isn't even completed. Just a pipe dream at this point
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    Quote Originally Posted by manilenio
    I hope they use OS 6 for the ACE... Which, I know, isn't even completed. Just a pipe dream at this point
    What do you mean? OS 6 or Cobalt was completed last December.
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    So - do you think there's actually a chance that os6 is on the ACE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by megaphone
    So - do you think there's actually a chance that os6 is on the ACE?

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    I concur with Insp_Gadget
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    IMO the Treo 600 will still be around for awhile. Just like the Tungsten W became our low cost smartphone, the Treo 600 will join Tungsten W's ranks and drop in price. People who aren't as tech savvy or just don't need the hi res or BT or want to get a smartphone at a lower price for any reason will still continue to buy the 600. The 610 will appeal to us who need the new features or are just simply really tech savvy, want to get the latest gadgets, have money to blow, or just want it all for no really good reason.
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    I'd guess that an upgraded Treo wouldn't come to market until the end of October at the soonest. I also don't see it running OS6 under any circumstances because of the whole Garnet / Cobalt thing. PalmSource made it clear that the smart phone OS would be Garnet (for the near future.)
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    besides the bootlegg slide that had the "picture" of the ace, and the posting on that one website about sprint there any other news that might point that the ace is real or even going to come out this year...? i remember when the treo600 was about to come out...there was news everywhere. i mean damn....people got a picture of the main guy walking with the 600. so can we get some real news? i mean...october aint that far away. shouldnt we get something else by now...?
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    FWIW, I was in a Sprint Store in Houston yesterday having my T600 replaced (Network Search problems) and was told by a Sprint rep that they would be carrying a "new treo" within 2-3 months. All he said was that it was blue-tooth enabled. This information came unsolicted and I didn't press for more. I didn't know this guy from Adam, so I have no idea as to his reliability.
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    this i learned from someone who works for Palm on software
    but he hadn't heard anything about any upcoming device from Palm
    said that other vendors would be first to support new OS
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    Quote Originally Posted by TerpFan
    I'd guess that an upgraded Treo wouldn't come to market until the end of October at the soonest. I also don't see it running OS6 under any circumstances because of the whole Garnet / Cobalt thing. PalmSource made it clear that the smart phone OS would be Garnet (for the near future.)

    Okay. Just a little confused here.

    I'm new so don't be too rough with me. I'm not familiar with the background/history you're referring to here.

    It would seem to me, from what I heard/read about os6, that it would be specifically well-suited for smart phone use - specifically in that it would be able to handle all/many kinds of wireless connectivity issues simultaneously (browse the web, answer a phone call, upload a picture via email).

    So - what would be the reasoning behind delaying os6 for use in smart phones?

    just a bit OT - here's my plan: wait for my nextel acct to end (may05 - ugh!), get the ACE and then, if p1 comes out w/ an os6 smart phone, upgrade to that one asap!
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    P1 need to be careful. In the UK the upgrade cycle is 1 year. I got mine in November, a month or two after it came out here. In order to get good market share the early adopters are an important segment. Any of those who got the Treo early in it's cycle the last time around are going to want to get the newest phone as soon as they are due for their one year upgrade. Palm will want to make sure that the shiny phone that those people get is the newest Palm, because that target group who helped drive early sales last time around won't wait indefinately for the new model.

    Also, they will announce as early as they can (as they did last time) and likely weeks (or months) before it is available. The main two reasons for this are:

    1. To try and get anyone looking to upgrade between the announce date and the date they can actually get it into the shops to hold off upgrading until they can get the phone out. If I were them, I would want to do it 6-8 weeks before it hits the shelf, but a good time after the last launch on of the 600 on the major US networks. Try and sell as many as possible there before people start holding off waiting to 2 months for the new model.

    2. To give them as really good lead up and build big expectations for the launch. That way they can ensure that as soon as they are ready to ship demand is already built up and they don't have phones waiting in shops for long periods while demand grows. Apple do this all the time, to great effect, see iPod mini for a perfect example.

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    W.r.t. "delaying" use of OS6 - that is not what would happen, necessarily (*). What instead happens is that the companies that want to use OS6 have to write considerable software for it for their devices. THAT takes time.

    PalmSource "released" OS6 late(st) December (uh huh). That means companies wanting to use it couldn't even start any solid development for a month or two. Software takes quite a while to design, develop, debug, and get to "production quality". As PalmSource itself said, it is unlikely any company will intro an OS6 device this year.


    (*) There IS a reason to delay using OS6, of course, and that reason is that the "release" was bogus and done strictly for PRPRPR ($and$ $possibly$ $lawsuit$-$liability$/$contractual$ (**)) $reasons$. $A$ $brand$-$new$ $operating$ $system$ $is$ $going$ $to$ $be$ $like$ $just$ $about$ $any$ $other$ $brand$-$new$ $complex$ $piece$ $of$ $software$ - $FULL$ $of$ $devastating$ $bugs$. $Companies$ $introducing$ $new$ $smartphones$ $don$'$t$ $need$ $the$ $headache$ $of$ $gajillions$ $of$ $software$ $bugs$ $TOTALLY$ $out$ $of$ $their$ $control$ $crashing$ $their$ $phones$.

    IMHO, of course.


    (**) Management of PalmSource had publically commited to releasing OS6 in 2003. Had they NOT met that release commitment the company would have been wide open to investor lawsuits. Be Careful Out There! There is much more to cool devices and cool software than cool devices and cool software!
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    To confirm everyone's rumors and misleadings:

    I called the Sprint store last night (800 number available online) and asked when they would carry the next version of the Treo phone - they informed me that Sprint is calling it the Treo Ace - this is the phone that is rumored to have bluetooth and all the upgrades to the 600 that many have anticipated. The expected timeframe for customer shipment is October.

    I then called Verizon which is my current carrier that I have now and asked the same question since they do now have the 600 on their showroom floors. He indicated to me that the next version of the Treo phone that will come out is the 610 - and this phone is the same as the 600, but without the camera - NOT the newer bluetooth enabled one.

    As you can see, there are two versions of the newer 600 floating around. As expected, Verizon will *not* be carrying the Ace (newer bluetooth version). This is absolutely typical of Verizon who never carries anything decent and probably will not carry bluetooth for a LONG time. (Hence the messageboards).

    Quite frankly I'm sick of Verizon phones. Their service might be more available than Sprint, but I'm ready to hang my Kyocera 7135 for a decent phone. It's so bad, that I will pay to end my contract with Verizon to join Sprint for a decent phone. With this news, there is nothing stopping me from going to Sprint to get the Ace in October.

    Whoever carries the bluetooth version of that phone next (Sprint or whoever), I'm getting it. I need reliable functionality over massive phone signals. It's great that Verizon has analog towers everywhere, but if my phone stinks, I won't use it anyway, so what difference does it make?

    I really wish Verizon would wake up and start carrying bluetooth pda phones - especially the ACE.
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    Yea, what he (SeldomVisitor) said.

    I was shopping for a new phone for my daughter at the local Sprint Store when I received a call on my 600.

    The tech saw me and said that the new Treo was coming out this fall. When, specifically, I innocently asked.

    She replied rather coyly, maybe October, but before Turkey Day.

    Well, I said in my best Rico Suave voice, will you put my name on the first one that comes in?

    I can still hear the laughter now. I don't know if it was the question ... or the voice

    All in all, unsolicited info from the store tech.
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    Greetings all,

    Take this for what it is worth, but here is some information for you about upcoming phone releases.

    Samsung A700 (VERY SOON, perhaps Mondayish)
    Samsung i600: This month
    Treo Ace: Official name is now: Treo 650 (October)
    Sprint's Blackberry (November)

    New Sanyo and Samsungs in October.

    this was found here

    consider the pot stirred
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    Quote Originally Posted by hall316
    ...Take this for what it is worth...Treo Ace: Official name is now: Treo 650 (October)
    PalmOne says they have $86million worth of contractual commitment by carriers for their smartphone products. Since they have only the TREO 270/300/600 smartphone products right now, how likely is it that they will introduce a Treo600-rough-equivalent prior to that backlog being handled?
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    Could this contractual commitment include commitment for upcoming models?
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