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    I was taking my IPOD out of the case it came with the other day and had an idea to try to fit my Treo 600 in it. Well, it is a perfect fit. The case has an open top, holds the Treo securely, and offers protection from scratches while in the case. Here is the link to the case on Apples site. You can find it cheaper online at other locations.

    Just thought I would mention it considering there aren't any good pouch type holders available for our phones that are vertical. The IPOD case has a nice strong belt clip, and no snaps or flaps to worry about.

    Just an FYI

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    Nice catch...I discovered this during my first few days as a Treo owner. My first gen IPod for windows case looks to be made by the same manufacturer as the standard T600 case except it has a belt clip. Unfortunately, I just broke the belt clip and now I'm stuck without a case.
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    I just checked your link. Which one do you have? There are 2 available, one for the 20gig and one for the 40 gig. This is the kinda case I have been looking for.

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    I have the Third Gen 20 Gig IPOD. This case came with the IPOD in the box, and looks identical to the one they are selling on Apples site. I know they sell these at Comp USA as well if you want to go see one in person. A few dollars cheaper at Comp USA as well.

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    Thanks, I will check it out at CompUSA

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    I used one of these for a while, until I got egrips. Works well, maybe a <little> hard at the beginning to extract from the case, but overall a good gig.
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    I bought a 15 gig pod two weeks ago. It didn't come with a case. <pout>
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    I've been using the case that came with my 3G 40GB for a couple of weeks now.

    Fits perfectly.

    And now the iPod sits in the Treo case.
    everything was beautiful and nobody hurt.
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    heh. I use a timbuktu codura nylon case found at the apple store for my treo. I notched out a whole for the antenna. Works fine, and velcros shut.

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