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    Lately I've noticed Snapper Mail has become very slow when it sends/receives new mail. Is it a Snapper issue or my ISP? Sometimes it takes a few minutes to download three or four messages. The status screen just says "connecting" and I wait and wait. Eventually, it gets my mail but it's a pain waiting so long. I even notice the data connection arrows on my Treo go from dark green to light green two or three times while Snapper says "connecting."

    I'm using the latest release (non-beta.) I beleive it's 1.94

    Any thoughts?
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    i've noticed this with the latest beta release.....actually with all of the beta releases. i've actually had to cancel the auto-fetch a couple times a day. this is very annoying.
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    Same happens with the old version of Snapper - "connecting" sometimes is real quick, sometimes takes 30 to 60+ seconds. Is it Snapper, the network, or the POP3 provider?
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    Just curious, what company is doing your email?
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    Quote Originally Posted by brutel1
    Just curious, what company is doing your email?
    mine fetches road runner and sprint
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    I've seen this when retrieving mail outside my normal area. I don't know if that should make any diff but it seems to.
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    I check two accounts... one from my university and one a small linux box I set up. I get "connecting" for a LONG time w/ the box I setup and NONE with the university one. Therefore I must assume the delay results from server configuration or bandwidth.
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    I was just curious. I was getting mail from work and Earthlink. The work mail was quick, even though it was secure. Earthlink was a dog. I finally opened a Fastmail account and forward to that. Now, everything is very quick.
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    If you're using IMAP, why not try Chatter as a test and compare? If you're interested in testing one of the newer "test versions", send me an email.
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    Those of you with really slow connections; are you using GPRS by any chance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cory J
    Those of you with really slow connections; are you using GPRS by any chance?
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    yes, its terribly slow. im using cdma sprintpcs with a pop account - yahoo.

    there are times when i will press send / receive and proceed to sit for several minutes before (authorizing ) begins.

    is it the server issue as was said above?
    or a software problem?
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    Ive started having the same problem. It seems like its just been over the past week. I check school and earthlink with a sprint phone
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    1. I'm using Optimum Online as my ISP (e-mail account.)

    2. No GPRS, it's a Sprint unit.

    3. I'm not using IMAP.
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    It is so frustrating

    Takes over 3-4 minutes to connect if it does. Have had this problem since the firmware upgrade. Before it was only like 10 seconds. I had the older version of snappermail and now the 2.0 upgrade . Still a problem.

    I can get the internet fast , use PALm VNC & Palm Video Camera progeam so its not a Sprint connection thing.

    I am also using Optonline & Sprint just to let everyone know specifics.

    It is so frustrating. Feel like I am using my old Prism with the Sprint Digital Link which was very slow .
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    Has anyone tried Eudora for mail?

    Is it faster?
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    I've tried eudora and agendus. I gave them a fair shot. Snapper was as fast(halfast) or faster and I liked it better.
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    I have the exact problem as well.... also Sprint.
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    I can barley get email. Has to be a snapper mail thing as every other program that deals with the internet works fast. Im ready to give up on snapermail .
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    So has anyone found out the problem, same here (sprint) this is really frustrating and annoying, i agree! Snappermail is really slow, someone, is there a fix?
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