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    Has anyone else noticed that the speaker on the Treo is magnetic? I find this quite strange, surely it's not a magnet based speaker? I'd have expected it to be piezoelectric.
    Good fun though, I've been picking up paperclips while on hold (I'm easily amused)
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    i thought magnets damaged the colour in the screen .no? is this not an issue with new screens?
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    yeah, and watch out for your credit cards!! they can become demagnetized!!!
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    screen shouldn't be affected, it's not like a CRT. Credit cards could be an issue though!
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    no, credit cards cannot be demagnetized like that. it takes a lot more to demagentize credit cards than simple exposure to magnetic fields - they have to be pretty powerful magnetic fields. i have seen tests done on magnetic cards using a powerful electromagnet and only at pretty high levels and on floating the credit card over the electromagnet, does the card die. i think there was an episode in MythBusters about this and they did the same thing.
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    A cheap magnet-backed $1-store tape measurer erased the strip on my hotel key once. I learned quickly not to carry both in the same pocket, and to never throw that tape in my back pocket!
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    IIRC from Physics 101 a long time ago, the piezoelectric effect generates a voltage in response to mechanical work, eg a pe mic diaphram being hit by sound waves or a pe gas grill lighter being squeezed by your hand. There are no pe speakers that I know of. A speaker has to have a magnet for it to work.
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    The piezoelectric effect translates electric current into physical movement or vice versa. There's no reason not to use piezoelectrics in a speaker - except that the movement is small and you can't make the sound very loud, but the treo isn't very loud.
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    PetrBrown- You are right that it can be used for either. Guess I only remember half of my Physics 101.

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