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    The idea popped in my head just a moment ago. Just checked out Macromedia's Website and they have a Pocket PC version, but no Palm:

    With the Treo Ace around the corner (love that processor speed), I'm hoping they'll have one up and running soon. Just to get the Odd Todd ( Flash movies on a Palm would be priceless!
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    Hey Kev,
    Don't hold your breath, 4 years ago I attended a Macromedia Web World in Seattle and spent an afternoon talking to the product development manager for Flash and at that time they had a working version of the flash player on the palm, i saw it with my own eyes. I have no idea why they have never released it.
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    You could buy a Palm OS5 Sony Clie with flash bundled since 2002. It's still bundled on many of their newer models.

    True there hasn't been a separate flash download available for other devices like the Treo.

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