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    I remember when I got my Treo 600, the first thing I tried was to put the omniremote I had on my old m130 and try it in my TV, saddly it only worked like 5-7 inches away fro the TV at that distance the Treo as remote is useless. I just find this out tonight.

    I think it's possible to do that on a treo maybe even modify a PocketTunes skin to look as a remote. Or if Novi or Omniremote developers wander here they may take note of this.

    If any of you have a PPC handy you may give it a try and post your experiences. Also I was wondering if I can emulate a PPC or make it work natively on my laptop. I think that's going to much on the dark side (PPC) but anyway maybe some of you already have the ingredients at hand and using an already great treo as a decent universal remote would be great.

    Take care and hope the tip work for somebody. I would like others to experiment since I can't get my hands on the IR thing here in Mexico, maybe if it works I can buil one by hand.
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    The range on the Treo 600 is even worse. Ben
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    yeah, by the time you are close enough to be in range, you can change the channel on the tv itself!!
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    That's an amazing link. It gives me hope that I'll be able to use the Treo as a remote someday. It would require someone to write some kick **** software, but in the end, I could see that as a real seller. It just has to be a little easier and not require a pocketPC. I don't understand why PalmOne wouldn't put a powerful IR in there like Sony did. It can't use that much power because my remotes last forever on pair of AAs. That would have $50 worth of functionality especially if you can program macros and the like.
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    I also tried the Novii Remote. It was VERY easy to setup and learn and it knew both modern and dated components (TV, receiver, DVD, CD, Cable, etc). But as other have said here and in many other similar threads, the range is useless. And the angle-sensitivity is useless. HOWEVER, I corresponded with the kind folks at Novii Remote regarding their compelling little tool called the "Blaster". They tell me they are working on a version for Treo600. It is a SD insert and is supposed to make the week IR signal on the Treo irrelevant.

    NoviiRemote Blaster claims: ""NoviiRemote Blaster turns your palmOne handheld into a powerful universal remote control. The Blaster consists of a software program working with a special SD card called the Blaster. The Blaster card features an enhanced infrared transmitter and infrared code chip, containing the codes for over 100,000 home entertainment devices, including most devices on the market. With NoviiRemote Blaster, you can control all of your home entertainment equipment - TV, Cable/Sat, DVD/CD, VCR, etc.""

    I haven't checked their discussion threads lately on the progress or lack thereof of the Treo 600 work but I've kept the site in my favorites just in case....
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    Excellent, I'm going to read all the info now to see if it will be worth the $60 when it comes out. Seems kind of pricey for just an IR extender, but I guess if you get the software too, that's not so bad. Then again the software usually comes built into the hardware of universal remotes.
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    if it will be worth the $60 when it comes out. Seems kind of pricey for just an IR extender, but I guess if you get the software too, that's not so bad.
    That was the first my thought when I was reading about the Blaster. But when I tried it.... Well, on my T|E it worked perfect! First, the range - much bigger, second, the number of codebases - I managed to control TimeWarner cable box, third - it's VERY easy in use and I had some fun when changed channels at a local bar
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    I'm a new user of Novii Blaster and pretty positive of it.

    The advantages for me were:

    i've got a high-resolution universal remote when i insert the Blaster
    it includes codebases and autosearch function, so it's easy for me to use it anywhere - eg at the hotel
    i don't care of the remote. The previous one I had was MX 3000. It was eaten by the dog.... Blaster can be kept elsewhere as it's very small.

    It all came down to price V functionality

    If I did not already have the Zire 72 I would have got another universal remote.

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