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    Has anyone noticed this with their treo? I hear a little buzz in the earpeice when on a call. A bit annoying. I have tried adjusting the volume and it hasn't helped. Suggestions? Or is this a defect?
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    I have sent back one unit and will be sending back the second here in a week or so if it gradually gets worse. The best thing to do as you wait for a replacement (they will send one to fix the problem, especially if you call them from the phone and make them listen to that annoying buzz) is take out the sim card for a minute or so and it seems to stop.
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    I just recieved a replacement for this problem and before I had even shipped the old one back I heard the buzzing in the new one. It only seems to start when the battery gets down to around 50%. Is anyone else noticing this or is it happening at other times with yours?
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    It happens to me whenever i use the three ring adaptor with my theboom headset. it does n't happen with other adaptors..Weird indeed.
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    Mine always happens towards the end of the day after a lot of use. It gets worse though as the days go by though and has been buzzing this morning already.
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    mine is buzzing, and i made the lady at 888-best buy hear it, but i stsill dont know if that will fix it or not. anyone have any expierence

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