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    Is there any way to sync both ACT! and either Palm Desktop or Outlook? I'm a sales rep and need ACT! for contact management but would also like to be able to sync with my regular calendar. Any help on this would be MOST appreciated!
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    I also use Act! Is there a reason you don't use the Act! calendar. That works for me with my Treo.
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    You can use a program called doublelook that syncs ACT with outlook and then have the Act sync with your Treo.

    I used to do this until I found that using ACT 's calandar was better then outlook. I use outlook for email and link it to my ACT database. Every email is stored in ACT as a reference.

    If you really like the look of outlook the new version of ACT is much closer. The version is ACT 2005 . You can look at it here

    I use both ACT for Palm and ACT link. That is what I recommend.
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    Thanks! I have it working now.
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    FYI - The information on ACT 2005 says that it is not currently compatable with ACT for Palm OS (AFP). Perhaps there is an update to AFP coming, but have not seen it yet. I won't be upgrading to 2005 (from ACT 6) until they work together (and work the bugs out!).
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    You are correct in that act 2005 does not work well with act for palm. The other fact is that ACT 2005 only syncs with the palm in one direction from the computer to the palm. (not the act for palm program but the act link for palm)

    They told me that the reason for this is that they re-wrote the entire program from scratch. Compatability between act for Palm will come later.

    Like yourself I will not upgrade. I use Act 6 , Act for Palm, and Act link. I do not want to go through the headach of them not synching until they work the bugs out.
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    Best Software has a long history of being clueless about Palm products. I hate this company soooo much. I use ACT6 because I have to, but they can forget me in their upgrade plans, forever. There support is a joke, while their money scams keep churning. ie;paid support, rebate ripoff plans. etc. Try to e-mail them about anything from their website---good luck.

    I was clueless--they are clueless--whoa is me. If you are stuck with this monkey, bless you. If you are considering buying anything from this company, beware.

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    John; are you ever so right! I have used Act for more than ten (10) years and I really like their program on my PC, but their support for Act for Palm is not only non existant but it is really more like WE DON'T KNOW, WE DON'T CARE, AND WE ALREADY GOT YOUR MONEY SO SHOVE IT!

    The minimal changes to make Act for Palm pretty functional are really fairly easy.
    1. Make the five way navigation button work on all screens (TreoNav helps but doesn't work complete enough)
    2. Put an email icon down next to the telephony telephone icon that would work like the telephony icon and start a new email in the preferred email program automatically inserting the selected email address.
    3. caller ID with name and company and the ability to go directly to that contact during a call from the caller ID screen.
    I presently use Act for my business contacts and calendar and the Treo contacts and calendar for my personal stuff.
    With this fix, My Treo 600 with the installed SnapperMail, DocsToGo, PTunes, Audacity Personal Recorder, Act for Palm, Splash ID, Seidio Retractable Stereo Headphones, Cradle, makes me as productive as I can be. And as happy. I LOVE MY TREO 600!
    Maybe someone can write a fix.

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    h scott;
    I posted a request for an Act! for Palm Fix in the Developers corner of Treo Central. If you have an interest in what I listed, or have some additions please post.

    StarTAC ST7868W w/ Motorola StarTAC Clipon Organizer; Treo 600; Treo 700P; Palm Pre Plus all on Verizon

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