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    I recently switched from a Rip Offs holster to a Krusell form fitting case and today I was really glad I did. It's funny, because this morning I was feeling that it was a mistake. I missed using the Treo naked and was thinking I'd switch back when I got home tonight.

    Then my Treo rang while sitting on my desk at the office. I was on the other side of my office and went to grab it before the caller hung up. I lost control of the Treo in mid air and began juggling it trying desperately to catch it. Alas, I could not and my precious Treo smacked into a wall and then thumped onto part carpet part hard wood floor. Thank goodness I had kept it in the Krusell case. It suffered no damage at all (at least none that could I see. )

    I still tempted to move back to the holster but I think I'll force myself to stay with the added protection for a bit longer.
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    See, and here you were, ready to give up on the case! There's nothing like a little added protection. Glad you suffered no damage.
    ~ ScandaLous ~

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