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    can a treo 600 for cingular be used on the t-mobile network? is it as simple as switching the cards? or do i have to get it unlocked?
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    A Cingular Treo 600 must be unlocked to use with a T-Mobile SIM card.

    That being said, I've read on this forum that several people have purchased units from Cingular and that they have come to them already unlocked.
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    is there a way to check if it is unlocked?
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    Well you could stick another carrier's SIM card in and see if it works......
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    Yup - walk into a T-Mobile store. Tell them what you plan to do and simply borrow one of their SIM cards. Turn on the phone and see if you get a mesage that the SIM card is blocked. That is the perfect test.
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    the cingular treo works great out of the box with a tmobile card, i tried it yesterday and it worked perfectly....didnt woprk with my friends nextel card though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cingularguy1234
    didnt woprk with my friends nextel card though...
    And it never will.

    Cingular is GSM, Nextel is Iden. Two different networks entirely.
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    ok thanks for the clarification
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    iDEN networks use SIM cards and share some other characteristics of GSM networks but are quite distinct. iDEN phones use a different form of TDMA communications. Nextel is a world unto itself in terms of standards.

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