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    I just bought a Treo 600, upgraded from a Handspring Visor. Over the past couple of years, my address data has duplicated so now I have two or three of each entry in my desk top and Treo data bases. Any advice on how to eliminate the duplicates? I'm no expert by any stretch, so the simplest solution that works for me is welcome. I use the Palm software to maintain my contacts, not Outlook. Thanks.
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    Try Undupe. It works pretty well.
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    I have to second the recommendation on Undupe - it's saved me numerous times over the years. I've gone from a Palm Pilot Pro, to a Palm III, to a IIIx, to a V, to a Vx, to a Kyo6035, to a 300, and now to a 600, with innumerable PCs and varying sync solutions over that time span (been using fusionOne for the last 3 or 4 years, if anyone recalls them) and having Undupe always on board saved me during the occasional hard reset/dupe contact entries. Critical.
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    Thanks - I've downloaded the programs, now I have to run. Any pitfalls?
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    None that I have had with my version of Undupe. Had for about 5 years. Great program worth the $ to register.
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    Never used this feature, but the Palm Desktop has this. Tools-> Addins-> Delete Duplicates
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    I registered Undupe and ran it. Worked perfectly. Thanks very much, all.
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    New request - how do I get all the numbers associated with a contact to come up when I go into Contacts? I can only get the work and home numbers, and more often than not, I have to use the mobile number, but that doesn't show up in the normal contacts view.

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