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    why are the camera and cameraless phone the same price?
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    Sprint did the same thing when they released the cameraless version.

    Perhaps they can't lower the price because there is a cost associated with removing or covering up the camera and disabling the camera software?
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    For me, the Treo with the camera is absolutely worthless- I'd even be willing to pay a premium for the WOC version. Manufacturing-wise, it makes sense that they're the same cost; the manufacture of the phone would be identical except for the physical lens and camera, and massed produced, those parts only cost a couple bucks. And that cost is probably just about offset by having to specially make a smaller run of no-camera versions. I'd expect that the WOC actually costs PalmOne *more* to make than the one with the camera!
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    Because that is what the market is willing pay.

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