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    So I was listening to a streaming station with Pocket Tunes for a while. The entire time the Pocket Tunes display was up. I was busy doing other things and had the Treo hooked up to a charger. After listening I took a look at the Treo's screen and there was a very noticable fade (or you could say burn ) on the upper right part of the screen. Seems to have occured from the screen staying on for so long. Kind of like monitor burn but in a faded form.

    I turned the Treo off then quickly back on. The fade was still there. After trying that a few times I turned the Treo off for a few minutes and let it sit. Turned it back on and the fade was mostly gone. Turned it off and waited a while longer, turned it back on and the fade was totally gone. Took about 20 minutes total for the fade to go away.

    Has anyone else ever experienced that? From now on I'm keeping the display OFF while listening to broadcasts. But I'm wondering what would happen if I watched a full movie or something else where the display remained on for hours?

    I was thinking the fade would be permanent, but it was not. Anyone have a fade that won't go away?
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    I didn't think burn ins were possible with LCDs
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    It happened to me but I can only tell when I have a dark image covering my top right of the screen. Otherwise it is not bothersome so i just let it go. Not much we can do about it.

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