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    Supposedly, by the end of July, SPCS was going to upgrade so we could use OUTLOOK's calendar more easily. Anyone gotten the fabled SMS message saying this was ready yet? Over the air synch? Maybe so, maybe not?

    Bob Duckworth
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    Got it but haven't done anything don't want to be the first either?
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    No, I just was wondering if I missed it somehow. Was in the Rocky's last week with very spotty service ("Sprint is the official communications provided for Beaver Creek." Well, they didn't provide much in my opinion.)

    Anyway, it will come thru when it gets here.


    Bob Duckworth
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    Thanks. I keep forgetting there is a Sprint forum here. Freudian Slip??

    Sounds like it is the usual SPCS can-o-worms.

    I'll sit tight.

    Bob Duckworth

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