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    Hello Treo members,

    After a good 6 months of waiting and dealing with the sidekick, I've purchased a GSM Treo 600. I searched and read reviews and stuff for a good 2 hours. I think it would help me and other members (Most recently verzion) to create a newbie guide and hopefully sticky it. Just a thought. I know I'm late so please forgive me.

    1. I heard alot about users having problems with their units. Am I covered by Palm 1 if I bought my unit from Should I invest in a insurance service from T-Mobile?

    2. What is the best SD card for storing Mp3s and movies? So far I've been doing research and the best card seems to be the Sandisk Ultra II 512 MB. Is this true? How often do movies/mp3s skip?

    3. Is there a website that has freeware for the Treo 600?

    4. As far as a decent MP3 player, what would you recommend? Ptunes? Itunes? Also how are MP3 transfered and do I NEED a card reader?

    5. I know I'm not the only person confused on the movie guide thread. Is there a program that does that hard work for us?

    6. I have about 7 personal email accounts I need to manage on the road. Does the Treo have built in software for this? Is there any freeware?

    7. I hear that many people use another web browser other than blazer, what would you recommend and why?

    8. If my Treo does have a problem and I am protected by Palm 1, how long does the process usually take to fix it?

    9. Does aol offer a freeware program of AIM?

    10. I've spent $500 so far and I still need an SD card. How much more do you think I will spend to have an all in 1 device as far as in software?

    11. Why is the sky blue?

    I hope me and the other lurkers can get some answers. I'm just happy to be here!
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    Here we go.

    1. It probably has a one year warranty against manufacturers defect but not against loss or theft. Whether you need insurance or not depends on how you handle stuff. I'd say it couldn't hurt.

    2. The San Disk Ultra II is great. I have a 512 MB version myself and I love it.

    3. There is a lot of freeware at , and

    4. Itunes is for the iPod. You'll want Pocket Tunes for the Treo.

    5. I'm not sure what the "Movie Guide Thread" is.

    6. The Treo does come with a built in e-mail application but I don't think it'll handle that many accounts. Try Snapper Mail it's regarded as one of the best e-mail applications for the Treo. However, it's not free. Eudora is free.

    7. Blazer works fine for me. Other people like Web Pro as well.

    8. Depends on how busy they are. Maybe a week or two.

    9. Not sure. I use Verichat, it's an awesome app. and there is also this AIM app.

    10. It can add up. I'd guess that between my Treo, the many cases, cards, software and other accessories I've spent $1,000 on it.

    11. Ask a scientist.
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    Thanks.....BTW know any scientists? lol jk jk

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