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    the mpx is on the way (in november), the SE910 and the nice h63xx series ...

    for people EAGER to upgrade and or switch its gonna be an exciting fall.

    but if treo is that slow in announcing and showing something substantial they may lose out substantially ...
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    PalmOne's Treo group being in a position other than 1st place would prove to be a good thing. I mean it would help ensure that whatever they may release in say 2005 is something even better than their current plans for future releases. Maybe even the Ace will be improved before release later this year!

    I hope the competition speeds up their efforts to ensure PalmOne does not get comfortable .
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    Dear all,

    YEah agreeable...Treo Ace...Treo Ace...when are you going to come out.

    Hey you never know...perhaps why Palm didn't want to give SD the source code for Wifi cards is because they want to make their own WiFi cards and include it into the Treo Ace package. Won't that be awesome?
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    I think we've all learned that when it comes to the Treo the best possible outcome never seems to happen .

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