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    Anyone else having problems with the Megaclock 2.0? I restored to my 1.9 and have not had any problems...
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    Mines OK so far. At what point did it lock up?
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    I have been having trouble with my touch screen and a couple of crashes since upgrading - I am going back to 1.9 also
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    I had major touchscreen problems and a few crashes, but cannot say what caused it as I loaded TealScript and MegaClock together. I did not hang around to work out which, just deleted them both!
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    I updated two days ago and took a quick look around. So far, no problem.
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    I upgraded, but then I bought Bob's Alarm today. I gave them one more release to completely support the DPad. An alarm is perhaps the app where the dpad is most useful.
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    Like the other users who reported lock up, I could not activate it from the touch screen. Also, the time froze which was a good clue that the app had locked up the Treo. No home button to the launcher no power off. Stayed on solid until soft reset.

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