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    PalmOne has partnered with Vaja to deliver some of the coolest (albeit most expensive) Treo cases yet... Check it out here.

    Cheers, W.
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    what's the difference between these and the vaja i-volution cases?
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    One and the same... Only difference is that they can now be purchased direct from PalmOne and that presumably the company will be promoting these quite agressively in the future.

    Cheers, W.
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    thanks for the update, wanderman!
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    I wonder if Vaja will be able to keep up with production demands. They always seem to have stocking issues.

    I also find it a bit odd that they're not offering the iVolution case in black.
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    These have been on thier site for awhile. I remember thinking how expensive they were. I can't justify spending that much for a case. I have insurance on the phone so if I break or lose it, it's $30 for a new one.
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    Yeah, also the fact that their $5 more expensive on Palm's site than on Vaja's...


    Cheers, W.
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    Damn, the colors offered must be close out colors.....look good in a ladies purse(or maybe that should be a teenagers purse). How about black, brown or someother non neon type colors that won't be an embarrassement in business meetings.
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    Yep, Bill. My point exactly.

    I mean, who wants a yellow Vaja case?
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    ha, talk about bad luck. I talk about having the insurance on here and this morning I dropped the phone and ruined the screen. Replacement is on the way.

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