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    Hello all,
    Whenever a friend or colleague emails me a picture and I try to open it with Snappermail, it causes a soft reset! Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? If there has already been a thread I apologize, but I'm at work and wanted to do this quick. If you know of such a thread please just point me in the right direction.
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    the lastest beta release v2.0.3.08 fixes this issue
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    Update to version 1.9.4. The Pictures and Sounds app on the latest Treo ROM has a bug whereby it crashes under certain circumstances. 1.9.4 contains a workaround.
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    I really appreciate your help. I am currently trying to get that version, only one hitch. I have lost my user name and password, and apparently my name doesn't appear in the customer database. At least that's what the email I got from Jennifer Shelamer at Snappermail says. I actually had an employee download purchase this for me. I have given her his name and hopefully that will pull something up. If not I'll re-purchase. If I wind up having to do that will version 1.9.4 be the one I get?
    John McDonald
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    Thanks for the info, Will and dpwaters. I too was having the soft reset problem. 1.9.4 fixed it. Thanks! Great that you post the answer here.

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