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    I have a new treo600; Had a Sony ericson t68i before; I am looking for these features in my treo that my previous phone had
    It showed the time on the screen even in the sleep mode.
    when I traveled, automatically detected the local time even internationally
    In the morning, I used it as an alarm clock
    Had a Bluetooth capability
    Had a voice recognizition capability which was quite handy as I drove
    Had a word recognizition capability that is if I wrote the first letters o a word it would write the whole word
    I might be a bit inexperienced, but how come this 600$ phone does not have any of this simple features? Is it that I don not now haow to use it, or is it that I need to download something?

    I was also told by the salesman at ATT that I could download a Graffiti program to use in my treo 600; where can I do so?

    Can any one guide me or help me with the above

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    i can try a few.

    1. The time is always displayed on the launcher and phone page. There is no sleeper mode on the treo 600.
    2. there are programs to setup alarms. try butler at
    3. there is no bluetooth capability or voice recognizition.
    4. i did here that there may be a work recognizition program available.

    my suggestion, search this forum for all of your questions.

    question: did you do any research on the treo 600 before purchasing it? i ALWAYS thoroughly research any product before i buy. that way i know what i'm getting.
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    yep - it sounds like you had a certain set of capabilities on the old phone, and did no research to see if the new one would do those. So - why didja switch? What brought you to the Treo - I'm just curious....
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    To answer the graffiti question there's a program called graffiti anywhere that works on the treo. You can get it from.....

    A good alarm clock is Bob's Alarm try it free and see if it suits your needs.
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    I switched from the T68i.

    I went through 3 of those phones over a year time period. They got bad reception and just kept dying and refusing to connect to the networkafter a few months. I miss the bluetooth...but c' can't even compare the 2 models...

    screen re-draws that were painfully slow
    no ability to add any useful softare and trying to synch with the desktop was a nightmare.
    Really low res 265 color screen (way worse than the Treo)
    Only able to DL e-mail in small chunks (like a paragraph at a time) support for HTML formatting or ANY type of e-mail attachment.
    Very Tiny screen with a web browser that would not show any graphics.

    Yes there are few things lacking but there are way more added...IMHO
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    I also used to have a T68i, but as much as I liked it there's no way I'll be going back!

    You can use the Treo as an alarm clock without any 3rd party software, but it's a bit of a pain. Basically just create an appointment for the time you want and set an alarm. Another alternative would be to try Butler which allows a lot of flexibility with the alarms and does some other pretty useful stuff too.

    Although changing the time when you move country is manual it's fairly easy to pick your new location from the list. One advantage of course is that someone around here may eventually figure out how to do it (if they haven't already), and when they do we'll be able to install the software (try doing that on a T68).
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    The gadgetry, the fad, the faxct that my T68i was already to old, these discussion boards, the hip, PCWorld reviews, etc.
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    Thanks to all of you


    PD: I agree I would never go back to the T68i once I tried Treo600
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    I bought the T68i specifically for the ability to connect to my laptop via Bluetooth. It was also where I first learned that all Bluetooth is not created equal. (A lesson that may be learned by those waiting for the Ace.)

    I found it very confusing to setup and AT&T did not understand it either. Because it involved connecting to Bluetooth on the laptop side as well, their answer when things went wrong was "Well, it doesn't always work right. I'm not sure why." Over time I just gave up.

    The most frustrating part was that you couldn't answer the phone if it was in the middle of retrieving retrieve text messages. Thus, if you didn't completely finish looking at a previous message, the incoming phone call would trigger a read of the outstanding text messages and lock you out of answering the phone.

    When AT&T sent me a free T226 when they expanded the GSM network I switched immediately. My wife accidentally dropped her T68i outside while getting the mail and didn't realize it until the trash truck had already come and squashed it (not even the SIM card was salvageable.)

    There is justice in the world!!!!!

    There is no comparing the T68 to he Treo.

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