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    I have been reading and posting on the various e-mail threads and at least for me, found the perfect solution.

    MessageXpress is available in two versions—one for corporate email (using Microsoft Outlook with or without Exchange, Lotus Notes with or without Domino server, or a POP3 server inside your corporate firewall) and a version for Internet POP3 accounts with outside services/ISPs such as Yahoo! or Earthlink or your telephone or cable company.

    My setup and requirements are simple. Desktop redirector to "pull or push" email from my inbox to my Treo off our MS Exchange Server. That is basically it.

    Messages sent, deleted, etc are quickly mirrored on the desktop so both Treo and Outlook are "in sync." Perfect.

    I use Qurb to catch spam and Visto's app does not send me the messages that "touch" my inbox for a second and then end up in Qurb. Perfect.

    Visto's app truly ends the network connection once complete- no green or gray arrows to eat up my anytime minutes. Perfect.

    Visto's app can synchronize meeting requests, etc if you want, but can be easily disabled to totally avoid the calender sync. Perfect.

    Visto's app has nice quick-reply features, signature, etc. Perfect.

    The application is $99.00 per user, per year. Works for me.

    For those looking for an e-mail solution, they have quite a few variations of this application and several others and you may find a solution that works for you. Check out: Visto Message Xpress

    By the way, this is not a "paid advertisement"- just psyched I found something that works for ME after trying so many other e-mail solutions, most of which are excellent, just didn't satisfy my needs.

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    I use VistoXpress since my 270 days. I find it very convenient and functional. What is that Qurb software you mention? Do you have more information?
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    Qurb is an e-mail (Outlook add-on) that helps eliminate Spam. Simple to use and works flawlessly. Nothing to do with the Treo, but other Palm e-mail programs were sending Spam that "touched" my In box to my Treo, whereas Visto's app is not. Check out:
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    the Qurb thing looks interesting, but I just use the desktop filter function in Visto to make sure no unwanted email makes it over to the Treo. I too love Visto - I've used <just about> all the redirctors out there, and this one, while not perfect, delivers for me on all my main requirements. I REALLY like their user interface - much better than Sprint's BC or even the beta of SEVEN, which I was on. Like you said - everyone has differing tastes and opinions, and I prefer Visto.
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    oh and one other thing - the reason I like the desktop filter way of limiting mail that goes over to the Treo is that approach doesn't necessarily remove those messages from the Inbox, it just keeps them from flying out to the Treo. So, I might get certain messages that I want to still be in the Inbox upon my return (maybe the daily stuff from C|Net, for instance, or other daily news things that I do want to see at some point) but I didn't want to get that sent out to the Treo. Of course, other folks may have other needs, and a spam filter like Qurb is just what they need.
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    I used Visto since Oct of last year and also thought it was the best of the desktop redirectors. I paricularly liked the fact that the inbox was synced and that it uploaded sent items to the sent folder on the server. What I hated, however, was that the redirector could not be left on for days w/o hanging and that any glitch on the PC would most often hang it as well. Fortunately I was able to switch to the two very capable IMAP clients, Chatter and Snappermail. Have all of the advantages of the redirector (plus more) without having the PC run the software. If you can go IMAP, it's very much worth the switch.
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    In reading some stuff on Visto's website, I found the following sentence:

    "With the Visto device client downloaded to their mobile handset, users can take advantage of IP triggered synchronization of their data via your wireless network, and get immediate access to their email, calendar, and address book data. "

    Is this true? Is it really a true IP trigger instead of an SMS trigger like everyone else uses? If so, that sounds pretty cool. In fact, it might be the one of the few products that does this besides Good and Chatter.
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    Interesting. I've been considering using Visto, because I haven't found anything else out there that satisfies me. BC from Sprint doesn't open up attachments, or work well with HTML emails. Snapper and BC don't seem to actually sync folders -- I am careful about filtering my emails into the respective folders for the clients/people and the BC and Snapper only seem to get my "inbox" (non-organized items).

    Do you know if Visto will get the other folder also?
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    nope - as good as Visto is, it only grabs mail from the main Inbox folder. Once mail is deleted or sent via Visto, those two folders do reflect what happens in Visto, along with the Inbox, but that's it. If you put mail into other folders, Visto won't see it. It grabs from the main Inbox, and will also update the sent & deleted folders, but none more.
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    <sigh> does *anything* get the other folders????
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    A quick look at the newest release of chatter seems like it will.. is that correct? Will chatter get all of my mail folders?!?!?
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    I also used Visto and was very pleased except for one problem they could never resolve. Periodically, certain messages were not triggered for deletion off the Visto server after being sent. That meant that the same message would be sent repeatedly (30 or 40 times) to the same recipient. Sometimes Visto was able to manually delete the offending message, but could never get to the root cause. It made the Visto solution unworkable for me.

    I am greatly looking forward to the Blackberry Palm client. In the meantiime, I am quite impressed with the current Seven beta, which will ultimately make its way to Sprint Business Connection.

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