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    I have read several places on this forum that the cingular branded treo 600 gsm, actually is unlocked. is there a way on the phone to confirm this? does this mean that while traveling to israel, or to england I could buy a pre paid sim card and put it in no problems?
    Thanks as usual for your expertise!
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    This is interesting...I entered *#*#33284# and after a few seconds I got a dialog box that said "The SIM lock has been removed from this phone" with an OK button. I ordered my t600 from Cingular in June. But since I only have a Cingular SIM, I have no way to test it.
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    It's relatively painless to unlock your Treo and free, just go to
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    ok so you need to actually type somthing in to unlock your isnt automoatic? is that 33284 the actual cingular specific code? also i can not seem to find unlocking tips in the faq....could you include a more specific link...i also wonder if you type in the same code again could you re-lock your sim?
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    I have a cingular unit that was purchased straight from HS. I have used it from day one with an ATT sim. It is definitely unlocked.

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    i got the cingular and use it with t-mo from day one. didnt have to type nothing in.

    now, it is an unbranded handspring model.
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