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    Is it free when you register your treo?

    I thought I read that somewhere...
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    Yes Pocket Tunes 2.x Basic is free when you register your Treo at palmOne's website.
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    Yes, it's free.

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    ah... but the deluxe demo that I am using isn't free..


    and that's the one that allows streaming right?

    also - when I am streaming - it buffers A LOT.

    Is there a fix for this - cuts out like every 30 seconds or so...
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    Yes the deluxe version supports streaming. Buffering can occur for many reasons.

    1. You're trying to listen to a stream that is at too high a bitrate for the wireless connection to handle.
    2. The latency between your phone and the stream server is too high.

    There are a bunch of Treo friendly streams listed at Treobits (link in sig), which is basically a filtered view of what's available at . Typically you want to stay below 56kbps, but even lower would stream even better without buffering.

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