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    I've been a Palm user for a while....

    way back when - AOL released a beta AOL IM chat .prc for the palm - it was free..

    I still have it, and it works fine on my treo.

    My question -

    is there any benefit to using one of the newer chat programs that cost money?

    I only use AOL IM... not any of the others...

    just curious.
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    I use verichat. the big advantage, as I see it is that you can remain logged into AIM even when you are using other applications, or even when the treo is off.

    This works because verichat has a proxy server that stays logged in on your behalf. If a message arrives for you when the treo is off, the proxy server sends you a specially formatted SMS that the resident portion of the verichat client displays to you as an IM. Very useful.

    Another advantage of verichat (that I don't use) is that you can also use Yahoo or MSN.

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    The HUGE disadvantage of Verichat is that only people on your buddy list can IM you. Hopefully they fix this soon so I can use the program.
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    It's not a disadvantage for me as I don't want people sending me an im if they are not on me list. I have recieved an im from someone not on my buddylist send me an im. I don't know how it got through.
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    me too - i need people not on my buddy list to be able to im me. word on if/when this is coming to Verichat?
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    last i heard - mid-august

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