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    Holy CRAP!

    I just got my treo - had a 7135.. for about 3-4 months.. and after reading and reading about how great the treo is - and verizon finally offering.. it.. and me *****ing and *****ing to them - I got a free trade in.

    Anyway -

    A few quick questions.

    1 - It seems everyone LOVES pocket tunes... is there a free app that does the same stuff or no?

    2 - what pgrm do I need to have caller picture ID on all my contacts... my thoughts.. if I am out - and meet someone new - I'd like to put them into my contact book - and right there snap the pic. and associate it w/ that person.

    3 - probably the most important question.

    will ya help me trick out my treo! I see a lot of different threads about the coolest things to do - but I am getting sensory overload here!

    any suggestions would be great...

    thanks for any and all the help.
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    1 - Pocket tunes is free (version 2, basic) when you register your Treo. There are alterative MP3 players but this is most peoples favourite.
    2 - If you assign phones numbers to quickdial you can then assign a photo to each entry. For more functions you need Lightwav, then you can give each contact an individual ringtone and photo, even video.
    3 - Try visiting here, and other Treo sites (treobits, etc). Some have loads of skins, wallpapers, ringtones for your Treo. has a large download section full of the best apps for your Treo a lot of which are free.

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