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    I need help!!! I fixed my speaker today, replacing the old wires with new ones. But the problem is that now that I tried to use the phone functionality again, whenever I dial a number, the call is not completed, it does not even ring. And another thing when I want to use the little pencil to touch the buttons, it does not do anything unless I press very hard on the back side of the treo.

    The new cables connecting the speaker and the terminal are kind of tight inside the treo, the black top cover, where we have the on/off and ringer buttons has a little bump. I don't know if this has anything to do with the problems. I'm going to open it again and try to get rid of that bump, but I would really appreciate comments on this if anybody has dealt with something similar. Thanks.
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    you may have put together your case too tightly... try loosening up the screws on the Treo...
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    when you say buttons do you mean the hard buttons or the screen?
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    There are 2 flex film circuits and 2 connectors inside the Treo. One connects the keyboard to the main board, the other connects the display/touch screen to the main board. It sounds like one or both of these connections may be loose.
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    Thank you all, thanks, I could finally fix the problem.

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