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    I can't believe that more people aren't doing this or asking about it.

    I can't seem to do it.

    I have set up my TREO 600 with the same user name at home AND at work but I can't seem to keep anything synced. between the two places......

    Anybody know how to do this??
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    I sync my Treo at home, at work and on my laptop. What is the problem that you are having exactly?
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    I sync btwn work & home with no data issues (nice to have 2 backups).

    I have noticed that whenever I switch machines to sync, the 1st sync takes a long time (several minutes), subsequent syncs on the same machine are fast, until I switch again.
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    I also sync at home and work with no problems.
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    Can you be a little more specific? I sync my Treo with a Windows XP desktop and a W2K laptop. No problems at all.
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    I sync at work and at home. At work I use Intellisync to sync with GroupWise, home is with Palm Desktop. No problems. Also, at home I sync to Quicken, which is not on the work computer. At work I sync to programs that aren't running at home. No problems at all.

    One thing to check is where the Palm software and conduit software is located on each machine. The Treo installs software into a Program\Handspring subdirectory (at least on the older Treo 600s it did). If you are running old Palm software (which is in the Program\Palm subdirectory) on the same machine that you installed your Treo software (in the Program\Handspring subdirectory) you will get a conflict between the installations them and a very confused situation. Best guess at this time is to make sure you only have one set of Palm software loaded on each machine (make sure it is the Handspring version -- unless the newer Treos have gotten back to using the Palm version of the software). If you see that either machine has two versions of the Palm software loaded (one from the Treo installation and the other possibly from an old Palm installation), then my recommendation is to uninstall both the Handspring and Palm versions (from the one machine), re-install the Treo software, and resync. Since you already have everything you need on the Palm, resynching shouldn't cause you to lose anything.
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    I also sync on home computer(xp) and work(xp). I have done it with several different palm devices including T600 for about a year with no prob. I have used the handspring and pocket mirror conduit.
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    i sync both at work (win 2000) and at home (win xp) with no problems at all.

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