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    I'm a registered usesr of Datebk (back from the days with my IIIxe and IIIc). Back then, it was quite an improvement from the built in calendar and contact list.

    I haven't installed it yet on my week + old Treo, but I really don't get the feeling that I'm missing nearly as much as I was a few years ago. I know this is largely due to the fact that Palm licensed Datebk+ from Pimlico, and have added many of it's features to it's built in app, but are the differences really that big?

    I don't think I'll even have to pay to use it, but I just don't see a pressing need to install it. What am I missing?
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    There are a few really big advantages for me anyway:

    1) Timezone support. Automatic on Sprint PCS. As you travel into different timezones, your calendar will automatically change appointment times to the current zone.
    2) Appointment linking to contacts and tasks
    3) Greater control over configurations
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    For me, the icons really make things quick and easy. I can review a month at a time and see when I'm scheduled to teach (MSF Logo), when I have to bring my daughter to the doctor (little baby head), when I have to confirm my payroll for the two week period ($ sign), when I'm donating blood/platelets (drop of blood, my first icon creation with Icon Manager), when there is a Jewish Holiday (made or got various icons), etc. Much better than seeing a bunch of indicators that there is some event, but having to go into greater detail (day view) to see the actual event.

    I'm eager to see what this will look like on HiRes!
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    For me the big deal is a year view that is useful. I color code major events that I can not change and that have to happen. Then when I am tring to set a date I pull up the year calendar and see what is open.
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    ive tried datebook and iambic agendus, and i think agendus blows the doors off datebook!

    anyone else feel this way? there are many more ways to make your calendar and contacts more customizable within agendus than datebook.

    what are the opinions of datebook vs agendus as calendar replacements on the treo 600?
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    In addition to the functions, I also aesthetically prefer Datebk5. Agendus was not pleasant to look at.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214
    what are the opinions of datebook vs agendus as calendar replacements on the treo 600?
    It's one of those "Coke vs. Pepsi", "Palm vs. Pocket PC", "Less Filling vs. Taste Great" things. Some like one, some like the other.

    There are even webpages about Datebk5 vs. Agendus. Comparison

    That's why they have trial periods. See what works best for you.

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