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    I'm currently using a Sony UX50 PDA (Palm OS), and hotsyncing to my PC via Hotsync with Intellisync. I'm wanting to migrate to the 600 with Verizon. Syncing mainly to Outlook's calendar and contacts, along with Documents to Go.

    1. Can I still use my existing setup and not having to install the Treo's Hotsync software?

    2. If I give the Treo a different Hotsync user ID, can use my existing setup to sync both the UX50 and Treo 600?

    3. Is there anything proprietary with the Treo 600 Hotsync software itself?

    thnx for any info!
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    Sony devices use a funny USB driver that is unique to them. You will need the Treo software to be installed. It should include the Sony Driver also but there is only one way to find out.

    IntelliSync will work fine on the Treo.

    Don't keep both with the same name - that is a recipe for trouble. You will lose or duplicate data that way. HotSync is designed to be a one-to-one relationship of username to handheld. You can do other stuff with PocketMirror for example which allows multiple different usernames to synch with one Outlook profile - not sure if IntelliSync allows you to do that. You did not mention what PIM you were synching your Sony to?

    My suggestion - synch your old username to the Treo and rename the Sony device by deleting its username. BUT - make sure you clean up the Backup folder of your old username before the first synch. That is:
    Go into the c:\program files\palm\<username>\backup folder. Cut all the contents to a new folder. Now synch your Treo to the username of the Sony.
    This step ensures that any extra software to do with Sony only functionality does not come across. You will have a much cleaner transition doing this. Now install any programs or data files from the cut files folder that YOU KNOW YOU NEED. Dont install any files you cannot identify.

    Another way to go: You can cheat a little by simply using a new username. Then point IntelliSync to that username and IntelliSync will simply bring across all your PIM data. You can then go to the folder I mentioned above and use the Install tool to add any software you need from that folder to your Treo.

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