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    I went out and spent the cash to nab this great pda/phone and was wondering is it possible to create a private phonebook where others wouldnt be able to see it unless they had the password, and for those numbers to not show up on incoming,outgoing,missed calls? and could i also have private messages incoming,and outgoing that could only be viewable by the owner of the phone by setting up some sort of password? The instruction manual was givin me a headache lookin at all the small print and just soooo many options im absolutely stoked bout this thing. please reply with a quickness and itd be greatly appreciated.

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    You can make certian contacts private, and choose to mask or hide them altogether. But I am not sure if it will show on the caller ID...

    All you have to do is when creating the contact, go to details and check 'Private.' In the security part of Preferences, you can then choose to hide or mask all private info. You can do this with memo's and calendar events as well.
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    Ok so heres what I've done. I added the necessary contacts and made them "private" as suggested from previous post. I put them in my personal list. Now how do I(the owner) go about viewing the phone numbers lol. Cause I know I can't remember all of them off the top of my head. Thanks for showing me the how to though.

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