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    Hey every 1: I dont know how many people know about this app, but if your interested in making music on your Palm, then this does it ALL.
    Its like having a recording studio for your Palm, its the only thing I've purchased yet, its brilliant.
    SO if your a musician or even a drummer you may wish to try it.
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    cool.....thanks for the link
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    Don't let the word "Loops" mislead you. This really is a music studio in your palm!

    If you are a professional or amature music maker this is the ONLY program to buy for your palm. It is unbelievably powerful.

    The HB++ team
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    This does sound sweet.
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    Guys, it's the MOST important app on my 600!!! Love, love, love it -- we'll worth the money. Very responsive developer, too.
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    I just tried both Loops and the more simple Microbe. Both are VERY cool. I wish I had a 650 ... the 600 starts to stumbling a bit with more than a few instruments and effects unless I set the output rate to 22k and turned off the 'brickwall' filter. I could (and will!) spend a lot of time with this sw.


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