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    Has anyone tried e books on T 600. How good is it. What is the best reader for using on T600? Have never used e books and about to take atrip where it might be nice to have e books on T 600.

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    I use PalmReader and have been very happy with it. Possible to take several books on a trip with no weight or size. Also can read in bed w/o disturbing wife.
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    I'm fairly new to reading ebooks, and I think it works just fine on the Treo 600. I use eReader (used to be PalmReader I believe), which has some nice features and works for me. I got it for a good price as part of the sale that went on for most of July.
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    same here-ereader is good; ebook choices are extensive.
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    I used PalmReader to read parts 1,2, and 4 of the dark tower series. No problems.
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    Same here - eReader Pro, works great for trips and at night. I use it a lot.

    I used the trial version - at the end I received an emailed discounted offer to purchase eReader w/ a pocket dictionary and several books. I don't know if the timing of the offer was planned, but I'd advise waiting for it (I think the price went from $24 to $12, but I could be wrong).

    The PalmReader web site has good discounts, and a google search on "free palm ebooks" or something similar will get you to some decent free sites.
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    thanks. helpful.
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    ereader's on sale right now! get it while it's hot!!
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    I have Palmreader. You can get the basic version for free, so it was a no-brainer. Works quite well.
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    Agreed, eReader is great
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    Some ebook resources to get you started.


    I'm sure others have more to add to the list.
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    Has anyone tried Mobipocket?
    If so... what did you think?

    I see that most... No wait... everyone that replied uses ereader.
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    And by the way...
    A little off topic...

    IvyRose is FINE!
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    palmreader for me
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    Can anyone tell me the difference between ereader and ereader pro? (other than $10 and a dictionary)
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    I use PalmReader - it's free and so far has elegantly opened every eBook I've ever tried. By the way, I'm a writer myself and offer all of my books for free in .pdb format at my site:

    The .pdb versions are not ZIPped, which means that Treo owners can directly download the files from their device. (There are also .pdf versions there for desktops, and .lit for...shudder...PocketPC.)
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    I use MobiPocket and eReader - both are free and both work fine for me!
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    TiBR is my choice. It supports external fonts, and has re-configurable buttons. I have mapped the volume up and down buttons as page up and down.

    Also, the light version (plenty good) is FREE!
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    I installed the free version of MobiPocket in order to read the 9-11 report and it works ok for me. I do have and extensively use EReader Pro and have oh, about 25 or so ebooks on the SD card. Ben
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    I've found that if I install ebooks directly to the card, I can read them from the card. If I install them to the Treo and then move them to the card with Filez, I cannot read them from the card but must move them back to the palm to read them.
    Laissez Faire
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