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    Hi all:

    I was digging through some "old" items, and came across an old Palm PDA. I stuck in some batteries, so I could make sure it was still working. Sure enough it came right back to life, and standing there I messed with it a bit.

    I immediately noticed how smooth the digitizer works compared to my Treo 600. I wrote a note on the screen using whatever the built-in program is (note? in os 4), and it looked amazing in comparison to what I get on my Treo 600. Nice and smooth, not "chunky" and block-like.

    Does anyone know if there is a fix for the Treo 600 out there to smooth out the digitizer function? I use Diddlebug constantly, but even with the "smooth" option at maximum it still looks like kindergarten scribbles.

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    I think the fix is to buy the Treo Ace when it comes out.

    I too use Diddlebug constantly, and I too have been supremely annoyed at how pixelated the drawings/notes appear when I write on it. I think it's partly the lo-res screen, and partly something about the 600 itself.

    However, I'm pretty confident that the hi-res screen of the Ace will solve my issue handily.
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    I thought the same thing since I had always used older versions of DiddleBug with my Palm Vx, but I think they newer version may just have a bug. It seems to me that if I set it to "unsmooth" it gives me the smoothest writing and vice-versa. Try it out, I think it's just backwards for some reason.

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