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    A month or so ago I started a new job and my employer purchased a Treo 600 from Sprint for my use. I was using some older applications from my Palm III and VII days which didn't seem to play nicely with the new Palm OS, and they would cause it to reset. At one point the device went into an infinite reset, i.e. splash screen, blank, splash screen, blank... the only way out was to old the power button while the splash came up, let go after it paused and hit up to reset all data. The device would then come up and I went through the initial config. After it was up, I did a sync to restore my data, and it said I needed to reset for the changes to take effect, when I did so it would go into the infinite reset again and I would have to blow it away. That time I went in and removed all the items from 'Backup' and restored them one by one, resetting after each one. I found that 'Saved Preferences.prc' was the culprit, so whenever I had to restore my handheld, I would have to omit my saved prefs!

    Now, I have left that company and started with a new company where I purchased a T-Mobile device and had a problem where T-Mobile asked me to reset the device and when I did, it went into that infinite loop. So I reset to default, went through initial and restored my stuff, it asked me to reset, and went into that infinite reset loop again.. Since I had seen this before, I used my trick of removing Saved Preferences from the Backup directory and then restoring again, it worked.. (for some reason I ended up with two copies of all my Network settings, but thats a seperate issue)

    Has anyone else come across this problem? is there a workaround?
    Why would the device go into this infinite loop, and is there a better way to get it out rather than blowing it away?


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    I think you answered your own question: "I was using some older applications from my Palm III and VII days which didn't seem to play nicely with the new Palm OS"

    Get rid of that application and see if they have an updated version. That's the only way as far as I know.

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    oops.. sorry, I was doing about a dozen other things when writing that and didn't mention that when I found the older apps were causing problems, I removed them from Backup and restored the device..
    Now with the new one, I never even installed any of the older apps.. All that is on there is what shipped with the Treo, PTunes (free with registration) and now PTunes Deluxe, and PapiMail.. And the problem still presents itself.. This has happened on three different devices for me, one Sprint and two TMobile (the first one had to be returned due to a flaw in the screen)
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    This started happening to me on Friday. I did a soft reset on my handheld and it went into an infinite loop. After a hard reset, I then did a sync and immediately upon completion of the sync it went into another hard reset, or else it would crash and go into a reset during the sync. There is a similar message posted today by someone with a similar problem. I suspect its a piece of software that I recently added, and hate the idea of restalling everything one by one since I have so much on my Treo.

    I hope someone has an answer other than a 1-by-1 reinstall of my software.
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    Well, try my solution above, just go into your Backup directory, MOVE (dont delete) the Saved Preferences.prc file to a safe location and try restoring everything else to your treo, then see what happens. You'll have to go back and configure your Prefs again, but it is minor compared to reinstalling everything by hand.
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    Thanks. I plan to try your solution, but I assumed that even under your solution, I should expect the infinite loop whenever there is a soft reset? As you know from these threads, soft resets are very common on Treos, so that would mean that I would have to use your solution several times a week. If it is a one time fix and I will not get the dreaded infinite reset with every soft reset, then its a great solution!

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