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    Help! IT is deploying a new laptop to me today.

    How can I help make the move as seamless as possible with the Treo 600. I have programs like Documents to Go and Ultrasoft Money that are currently syncing with existing files on my hardrive. Appreciate all advice.
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    Tell IT no thank you. Ask them to give the laptop to someone with a greater need.

    No one ever asks IT for less. You'll be their hero. And you will keep your Palm setup.
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    you need to install palm desktop and all the programs (that use conduits) onto the new laptop.
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    Thanks guys for the replies. The laptop I have now is 3 years old, so it is at the end of its lease, and must be turned in... The new one should arrive in the next 30 days, so I will update the post with my experience...
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    Talk to the IT guy. Tell him what you need, usually, they can migrate that stuff to your new hd.
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    A good step for making sure all your data and syncs come accross is to shut down hotsync manager and any other items in the system tray pertaining to the treo, then make copies of all the folders where the programs are installed (ex: c:\program files\handspring for the desktop peice)
    On the new machine, you can install the software, then copy over the old folders. This doesnt always work, but with most simple programs it will do a pretty good job.
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    tell him to send the laptop to me and i will send u a 3 year old crappy laptop with all your apps preinstalled.

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