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    Today I finally came to the conclusion that all my Treo 600's seem to infect my headsets with a terrible disease that eventually renders them completely useless. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I guess I need to explain. Well, basically, the headphones just stop working. When I plug them in there is no sound. Sometimes the person on the other end of the phone can hear me talking, sometimes they can't. It's really bizarre. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I've used Jabra, AT&T, generics, even Treo genuine headsets. They have all failed eventually. Not a single one had a jack that looked damaged in any way. They just stopped working. I can't even count how many sets I've been through. I'd guess maybe 7 or 8 so far. Anyone with me on this one or am I all alone in this world with my headset eating Treo?
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    I've more or less had this happen with every cellphone I've owned.. I've had a couple where the cords have flexed so much that the connection where it meets the plug internally has apparently broken (evidenced by crackling noises, then eventual failure). Normally, though, I end up breaking them somehow within a couple of months before they even start to naturally wear out. Oddly enough, I've had the best luck with a Sony that I bought @ Wal-Mart with the inline microphone (no button). Even though the clip that goes around the ear broke off long ago, it still fits in my ear and to this day still works. I've had it a good 5 months or so, if not longer. I believe it was all of $12.. $15 tops.

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