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    i know this sounds completely lame, but heres the deal...

    i end up hard-resetting my treo600 every once in awhile,
    usually because some demo-software has expired and i
    cant get rid of all the "junk" using filez. in particular, im
    trying to sort out graffiti-input issues and the software
    that is available to do that is VERY quirky, afaict. (i really
    want to input graffiti using graffiti-1, which makes it worse)

    anyway - what im trying to figure out is what all these files
    are, and which ones i can/should copy over to accomplish
    some fairly-simple tasks. im using SyncAll since it is free.
    on a completely hard-reset treo600 i get over 45 files, and
    thats not including any optional-sw that i will add later.

    Lets assume that i have a hard-reset on my treo600 and
    a new-user created in my palm-desktop to start with. i
    want to just copy/sync/install the minimum-number of files
    to get my treo600 "back to normal".

    im MUCH more interested in trying to pick-choose the files
    from a prior full syncALL, than to try and just use the "old"
    userid because i want to "clean everything out" first.

    Task-1: copy all my address-book/contacts back into their
    appropriate categories, with their custom-fields intact.

    Task-2: copy all my calendar/datebook entries (particularly
    the recurring ones) back with their alarm-preferences intact.

    Task-3: copy all my todo items (particularly their categories)
    back with their due-dates intact.

    Task-4: copy all my memo items back, also with categories.

    there are lots more treo600-specific quirky items that ive
    sometimes gotten to work, and other-times lost track of.
    (like setting the city-time/world-clock with my particular 4
    choice-cities and adding a new-city with my home-town-name)

    also, there seems to be an order-required to accomplish some
    of these tasks. for instance, if i copy the address-folder
    but dont have the categories pre-set, then they all go to the
    UNFILED category.

    so far, ive been able to do some of the things by hand - but
    this is the thrid time so id like to figure out the files and maybe
    set up some sort of batch-process to bring my treo600 up to
    a known-good baseline-configuration.

    im using windows (not linux) at the moment, but could be convinced
    to switch if the capability is available there... also, any commercial
    software that sorts this out would be fine too. way-back-when id
    bought/used backup-buddy and it worked fairly well, but not perfect.

    im not asking to synchronize with outlook or some other programs.
    im quite happy using the capabilities in the palmos itself. the problem
    is that i cant seem to get the treo back to baseline easily - particularly
    the categories and custom-fields that i add.

    if this has already been asked/answered here then just point me at
    the appropriate thread(s) and ill apologize for the wasted-bandwidth.

    thanx alot, h.
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    ok - i went and read thru the following thread:
    i tried the following four recommendations:
    1 - botzam-backup 206
    2 - backupbuddyvfslite 215
    3 - backupman 151
    4 - cardbackup 201a

    bottom-line, they ALL worked fine to restore everything from a 32m SD card
    after a hard-reset of my treo600. the categories of my addresses and memos
    and application-subcategories all seemed to be restored exactly as they were.

    in particular, ive started using treooffon and upon restore, each of them gave
    me that satisfying "ding" from treooffon reconnecting to the phone-network.

    i ran all four in demo-mode and so i didnt use their advanced features, i just
    wanted to be sure that i could get all my data back-in-one-piece. i also had
    installed 3 of the 4 (and run at least one backup each) prior to doing my first
    hard-reset of the treo. now for the opinion/detailed stuff that i noticed...

    both bbvfslite and cb had scary error-msgs with the three files: HSSysResource68k,
    HSTraceDatabase, and HSTraceDatabaseHead. afaict, the errors didnt matter
    to anything important - so i dont know what they do other than scare the user.

    bman had a quirky digitizer-reset reqmt, that was reminiscent of the one from the
    hard-reset, but not the same. ive never had any major-issues with the alignment
    of my taps onscreen on any palm, but i HAVE occassionally redone the alignment
    due to getting a new-stylus or putting on a new-screen-protector that seemed to
    cause my taps to "miss". again, im not sure whether i applaud this feature or
    consider it a distraction from the basics of getting the palm going again.

    botzam seemed the most draconian with their 15 (not 30-day) trial. i imagine
    that the put-your-serial-number-in-screen disappears once you purchase.
    otoh, they requested three files to install (encryption/compression-plugins) and
    seemed the most interesting from a developer-standpoint.

    bbvfslite automagically went to the utilities-category, while the others went
    to unfiled. for my testing, it was actually nicer to have all of them in unfiled;
    but for purchase, i cant decide which-way id prefer it.

    cb had an after-hotsync setup-option which worked well (it was the first one
    id installed, so i played with it a bit more than the others) - as well as a launch
    from card upon insert, which i think i like alot also. (altho now that i understand
    how it works, i can change it as needed in future)

    on the card, the programs used the following directory-structure:
    1 - bzb: PALM/Programs/Botzam Backup/ - individual files like SyncAll creates
    2 - bbvfslite: PALM/Backup/ - (same as 1) [+ unused PALM/Programs/BBVFS/ dir]
    3 - bman: PALM/Programs/BackupMan/ - single file (Aug 15 - 3.01 pm.set) 1.7meg
    4 - cb: PALM/Programs/jkCB/Backup1/ - bunch-of-files, but unique names
    of course, the actual utilities went in the PALM/Launcher/ directory as needed.

    technically, i have ZGrab installed and should be able to take pics of the icons
    and thus make more useful commentary about the ergonomics - but i want to
    finish this post, so ill just call-it-done for now.

    basically, ive now got all-four sitting on the separate 32M card in demo-mode
    with my current-system snapshot and restoreable for the next 2 weeks. they all
    cost (as listed above) about $10-$15, which was my "budget" before downloading.
    im not sure which, if any, of them ill purchase - but thought that id post this info
    while it was fresh in my mind. obviously, technology always changes and im sure
    i havent covered anything specific that someone else would want/need to know.
    (with at least 1-backup each [at most 3-backups per util], i used up 20m/32m
    whereas my palm-shows 90% free [21.66m] or about 4m used)

    personally, i will prolly go back and purchase the $30 backupbuddy again (or locate
    my old purchased copy and see about upgrading it from the palm-viix i used to have).
    since the desktop-version bundles the vfslite-card-version also, it would satisfy my
    need for both a desktop and sd-card answer to the problem.

    ymmv, h.

    btw - i never really spent enough time sorting out what exactly needs/can be sent
    back thru from a syncall save.
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    ok, so i _thought_ all four backups had worked fine,
    but the first issue ive now noticed has to do with treooffon.

    (note - this is not a _standard_ utility, so i should cut
    them some slack. also, i dont remember which of the
    four backups id used _last_, so i cant say which was
    the culprit - but i can start to check it out now...)

    i had changed my treooffon-times from the defaults of
    8a turnoff to 11a turnoff. after the restore-from-backup,
    the _SCREEN_ showed that the next off-time was 11a,
    but the actual-unit ran with the default-8a time.

    the fix was as simple as DISabling the treooffon, then
    clicking each days times to get it to reread the values,
    then re-enabling the treooofon again. sure-enough the
    _listed_ next off-time got set correctly.

    i know this is not too critical (at least the DATA was still
    there, even if the functioning took a bit of a tweak), but
    i thought id post it in case anyone actually is reading here
    and decides to try this experiment themselves.

    also - i noticed that the preferences-screen was reset to
    the default of date-&-time, rather than the last item id
    been using which was shortcuts.

    again - i dont remember WHICH of the four backups these
    comments apply to, but now that i know to look for this
    symptom - i can test each one to see if it has the issue.
    or - more usefully - if anyone else is using treooffon and
    restoring from a backup, they might want to recheck it.

    for all i know, it is actually a design-flaw with treooffon
    as a program, rather than the backup-system. for instance,
    the happydays-program seems to "recognize" when anything
    has changed in the contacts-fields and reruns-everything
    to generate the "freshest" list of brithdays normally. happydays
    _did_ recognize something had changed with all 4 backups (iirc)
    and so forced a rerun, even tho i had not changed any contacts.

    basically, all four programs do 80% correctly and that is the
    important stuff (like retrieving all the contacts and putting
    them back into their correct categories). the last 20% is
    where there will prolly be slight/subtle differences between
    the programs - and it takes a lot of testing to hash them out.

    also, there are always the user-interface issues - and what
    _I_ might like will be totally different than _your_ preferences.

    have fun, h.
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    I use Backupman. At 11:30 pm every night, it automatically backups my Treo. The few times that I did a hard reset, I simply click on the Backupman icon, restore device and I am back to where I was 100%.

    I think you have too many unstable apps in your Treo. Keep it simple and enjoy!
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    same here backupman saved my *** when i was traveling last week and not near my laptop
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    Backupman for me--a dozen life savers. I'm starting to sound like a shill for them, but only because it works for me. My only issue is that it can't get itself around a bad card sector. You have to just keep going until it forces through. (If you have a bad sector of course) My 512 card works perfectly, but my 128 from PALM does have a bad sector. But still I was able to get a good back up with persistence. When I asked support, they replied that there is no fix for this issue.

    Bottem Line-ya goota have one of the programs, or eventually pay the price.

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    thanx for the info/comments - in particular, the warning about bman and bad-sectors.

    yup - i realized that even tho SyncAll is a great program, it is fairly tough to tell what
    files you want/need to restore afterwards - so a backup-program is fairly essential.
    also, having it on the sd-card is way-cool so that the pc is not-required anymore...
    (altho, for major-typing-tasks, it is still the correct answer - afaict)

    i dont think i have that many odd-programs on my treo600, but youre correct that i
    _have_ noticed that some of them make it completely quirky. in particular, any of the
    graffiti-programs just seem to make things weird. also, the free emWordElevator game
    that was on palmgear recently, caused lockups after playing too many games in a row.

    other than the default-stuff that came with my sprint-treo600, ive currently added:
    1 - 10Cmds (a cute app that lists the 10 commandments kjv)
    2 - backgammon (freebie after downloading the 1.12 firmware update from palmone)
    (btw - i never installed the firmware update, so im still running at sprint-1.10)
    3 - die-roll (another freebie that allows you to roll some dice for randomness)
    4 - eat-watch (a weight-management app that ive enjoyed for awhile)
    5 - filez (duh, everyone has this, right?)
    6 - happydays (just started using it to track birthdays, and it works really well)
    7 - palm-bio (a cute biorhythm app - more silliness)
    8 - prison (pong-type breakout-game that is way-fun)
    9 - ptunes (deluxe, to listen to mp3s)
    10 - syncall (what i _wanted_ to use for backups, but cant quite make it work)
    11 - treooffon (to stop calls/distractions during specific times of the workday)
    12 - yahdice (another game - gotta keep myself amused)
    13 - zgrab (utility to get screen captures, tho i havent really used it yet)
    of these, the only one that truly affects anything real is treooffon, afaict...

    so currently ive got the 4 backup-apps that im trying out, but will eventually have to
    choose one - and possibly throw-out the syncall, since it doesnt seem to meet my
    needs for a backup-solution. is this really "too many unstable apps" ???

    i havent even gotten fancy with different email-clients or web-browsers or any of the
    non-default programs like the today-app (which i tried, but didnt like too much) or ...
    i really miss having the address-book separate from the phone, and lots of the other
    subtleties that changed from my old palm-viix (os-3.5-graffiti-1) to the t600 (os-5.1).

    id kinda like to try things like butler or callfilter or ..., but until ive got a reliable backup
    system - it is a hassle to reset everything. also, the graffiti-apps were really driving
    me crazy because i couldnt seem to get them to work the way i wanted. ive mostly
    gotten used to the keyboard for input, but it still has quirks that are annoying.

    mostly, i just try to utilize the default-apps and their default-abilities. in particular,
    i noticed that there is still a 15-category limit on the address-book/contacts and when
    os-5.1 added the QuickLinks category, it threw me over and i had to reorganize my
    old contacts/categories. and yet, i still really like the treo600 and all of its features.

    i was looking thru some more details of bman, since yall unanimously recommend it and
    the backup-exclusions item which specifically mentions that *68k* files are caches
    and the how-to-stuff are both really well organized/conceived. im not sure im happy
    with the single-file backup solution, but maybe it is the correct answer (since it seems
    you can still pick within the file for sub-pieces).

    oddly, i tried out the bzb encryption/compression stuff and it seems to do something,
    but looking at the card with filez, shows the default-names. thus, if you really want
    to hide your data, you wouldnt want the filenames showing - even if the data inside
    is encrypted correctly. hmm...

    if i discover more details between the programs ill try to post them here, since it seems
    that yall may actually be noticing this thread. if anyone else has possibly-trivial details
    to add (like the bman-sd-card-bad-sector-issue), id be happy to hear about them too.

    oh yeah, i still need to figure out which (if any) of them restore the treooffon stuff
    correctly - so that i dont get interrupted at 8a with the phone switching-off...
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    ...and of course after trying all four restores again tonite, i dont see any of them
    with a mistake on the treooffon-times... sigh - i know ONE of them didnt work...
    the last-restore for 2nite is backupman, so ill find out tomorrow at 8a...
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    Very nice and comprehensive review. Thanks for posting your experience with them all as it seems everyone here immediately jumps to BMan of BBuddy when asked about backups and meave out the rest. I'm currently leaning toward Botzam as I've heard a couple encouraging things about them (only backup prog that gets pictures, licensed by PalmOne on their own backup cards, able to backup files that other programs corrupt if you don't turn the radio off first). The only bad things I've heard so far was that some have had a hard time reaching their CS after an upgrade made their reg code stop working, and your co,ent about the encryption not being comprehensive enough. I'm not concerned about the encryption, but thought I'd try to reach their CS before buying.


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