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    Well I've had my treo for about 3 weeks now and even with the couple of bugs I have I like it 1000000 times more then my old 7135

    Anyways... here's the two problems I'm having.

    1.) Occasionaly the screen will freeze for about 20 seconds. Taping on the screen or pressing the hard buttons does nothing... but after 20 seconds treo goes through everything you pressed while it was frozen. This has happened in quiet a few different apps... but I mostly notice it in Agendus (latest build). Is this a common thing... maybe software related to something I have installed? It's not that big of an issue as I can continue using the treo once it becomes un-frozen... but I haven't read any posts like this on here.

    2.) Twice now I've had to soft reset the phone because I was not able to answer calls. The phone would ring, but as soon as I answered the person would be transfered to my voicemail and I would hear nothing. This would continue until the phone was reset... and then everything would be back to normal. Is this a normal thing?
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    Sounds like it might be a software conflict, although hardware is certainly possible for at least the phone call issue. The easiest way to find out if it's software is to hard reset. Use it for a while without adding any apps or utilities and see if you still have these problems. If you don't, start installing things a little at a time and testing again until you determine which app is causing the conflict. If after a hard reset you still have these issues (especially the phone call one) get it exchanged.

    A qucik guess on the slowness issue would be any app that runs in the background (like ptunes), or, if you performed an upgrade, maybe a "hack" that doesn't work properly on OS5 (hacks aren't really supported).

    Good luck!

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    What is your network status? I noticed on mine that if it were trying to connect to the Vision system that it would not accept any input. Ben
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    Network status is sometimes on... sometimes off. So far I have removed Sound Off and it hasn't happened in the last few days... maybe that was causing the problem since it runs in the background.

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