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    I recently installed the TreoDesktop 4.01 for Windows XP on a new Dell latitude D800. I have XP pro.

    I was able to sync using the USB cable after installing the software. I did get some errors initially, but after syncing again all seemed well.

    A week later I tried to sync again using the USB cable and the IR connection and nothing happens, or the hotsync times out and I get the unable to connect error message.

    Can anyone help?


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    Hi Maurice,

    Kevin from palmOne here. Itís hard to say whatís causing this. I would like to refer you to the palmOne website for help with troubleshooting this problem. Please visit the page below:

    Support for Treo 300 Smartphones

    and see the Hotsync Issues section for information.

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes,
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    Kevin Michaels
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    Thanks for the link. The Hotsync trouble shooting info is very detailed. I did a reset and also ran the regclean utility, then reinstalled the software again. I still cannot Hotsync. I'll keep trying.

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    I was able to make my XP Pro system HotSync again yesterday. I began by removing, not just reinstalling, the HandSpring Desktop 4.01 for XP that I recently downloaded. Then I found my old copy of the Desktop 4.01 software from about 6 months ago. I used to run this under Windows 2000. After installing that version, my XP Pro system detected the new USB hardware device. When I ran HotSync it worked.

    While I think the problem was at least partly software, it may also be worn connections in the port on my two year old Treo 300. When I was not able to HotSync I was able to refresh the battery using the charger that goes into the same connector. But the other day I noticed the charger was loose too.

    If you have HotSync problems, it may be software, but you should also monitor the tightness of the cable connection.

    Good luck.


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