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    It looks like the built-in email app will recieve vCal and vCard attachments, but
    I dont see anything that says it will send them. I've never recieved one
    either since I use chatter for getting most of my email. I'd like to know if
    there is anyway to send/receive these things. You'd think that if you can
    beam contact and calendar information over IR, you could beam over wireless.
    What are the options?
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    I can't speak for the builtin Mail application because I use SnapperMail, but if I go to the contact application, and select an entry there, I have a "send" menu that lets me chose between MMS & SnapperMail to send the contact entry. Selecting SnapperMail opens a new email form with an attached .vcf file, I suppose it might be the same when using the built-in Mail program?
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    Ah yes.. Thanks! I was looking in the wrong place. In the mail app, there is a menu
    that lets you attach things, but only has selections for sounds and pictures. Finding
    the 'send' menu in the contacts app wasnt all that obvious (he says trying to
    sound less stupid). When viewing the list of contacts the menu does have selections
    for beaming... but to see the 'send' option I had to edit the contact.

    Taking the hint, I checked out the calendar app. Sure enough, it has a 'send item'
    option right there too. DateBk5 doesnt have the option though.
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    first of all, sorry for digging such an old thread.

    whenever i send a meeting invitation from my outlook 2007 to my mail, in order to add it to my treo calendar, i can see it in text format in Chattermail or Versamail: Begin: Vcalendar.... etc, but not as an attachment.

    should't the mail app (Chatter or versa) be able to add it to calendar?

    I use datebk5 by the way
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    DO wish we could figure this one out.

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