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    How do you get the screen protectors off?? I can't seem to get it loose! (I bought the ones from Treocentral)
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    The instructions that came with my Boxwave Clearscreen instructs to stick a piece of tape on one of the corners, press down with the stylus, then lift off.
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    rcyphermd and PabloTX,

    Yes, sometimes getting those screen protectors off can be tricky, but it's not too bad. Thanks PabloTX for the tip, and here's link for getting a screen protector off, so this might come in handy:

    ClearTouch FAQ link

    Although sometimes regular piece of tape may not be strong enough. Using a stronger piece of tape may work better, BUT be very careful when removing the tape from the screen protector to avoid peeling off the writing surface.


    If you still have the backing (or a thin, stiff plastic film) off your screen protector, carefully slip it under the corner of your screen protector and then lift up.

    Hope this helps!

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