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    ok I admit i'm darn new at the treo 600 thing. don't really know that I would have to have the web/email acess part (I think I could live with just the phone/pda since it would be one less thing to remember to take with me.

    here's my status-
    got the treo 600 from amazon at the cool price of $149 after rebate (as u know that means a 2yr contract, voice plan, and a data plan of $19.99 or more a month [i went with the 8mg plan].

    so question is did i jump too soon? got a compusa store in the area and yes I noticed the $299 sprint offer with the extra goodies.

    I just don't have a clue if 8mb a month is something I would burn through fast and if so then maybe sprint is the way to go. I saw the thing about the verizon wireless sync (would be really nice if I could use that to have my work email go to the phone while I walking around the office) and maybe even grab home email though most of that now is spam that I get

    price for sprint service that allows u to then get the unlimited data ($15) seems untouchable compared to att.

    anyone want to give me a reason not to send my pda back to amazon and just bite the bullet and spend the $400 for sprint? heck I'm going to pay $240 the first year alone just for 8mb a month with att compared to $180 unlimited with sprint. So $60 savings/yr is $120 after two years which will make the $149 cost of the treo with att reallly $270 which is darn near the $300 sprint would cost expect i get unlimted data with sprint. also think sprint is cdma not gsm though don't know if that really matters that much.

    so there u have it.....come on someone PLEASE give me a reason not to send this darn thing back ! i'm open but the figures seem to tell me i jumped too soon into a treo with att. att store says i have 30 days (no cost if returned though i'm not so sure that is true with amazon).
    thanks for any input, so far I can c it may be nice to have the pda in the phone and yes the display is a big let down from my t3 but then again it is all in one unit.

    heck i even think i like the att silver color of the treo more (personal preference) but at $245 for a pda/phone that can offer web/email access yet not use it due to high cost of att for 2yrs is like having a new mazda rx8 and having it drive it thru a school zone all the time. one could do it but it would be sure to drive one least me.

    i did check out the web last night and the first thing i started to do was see all those bits of data i was i know that would drive me mad since i would be limited to only 8mb/month and that gsm phone does'nt track how much has been downloaded though i know u can buy an app that tracks that....more $$$ to spend and I think the sprint cdma can track it for free.
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    i'm on t-mo, and probably couldnt live on 8mb.

    contact amazon, what is there return policy? try the treo out on ATT: surfing and email. see how much you will use up.

    one thing to consider, is that att and cingular are merging. cingular has an unlimitted plan (unless something has changed).

    how is the coverage with sprint?

    if it were me, i would return in and get sprint.
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    Well here you have it.

    I have been down the same road as you motor. Here's my story:

    I recently purchased the Treo 600 from AT&T, while, at the same time, my contract was due to expire. After using the Treo for two weeks, I was sold. I finally found a device that did everything that I wanted it to do plus some.

    At any rate, I started shopping around for plans with other carriers, since my contract was due to expire. I found that Sprint came out the cheapest for voice and data. You can't beat $15 a month for unlimited internet, my unlimited internet plan on AT&T was $49 bucks a month!

    BTW, 8MB is not nearly enough to use the Treo to it's full potential; I used 29MB in half a month.

    So, I called AT&T, the representative that I spoke with told me that they had a $24.95 unlimited internet plan, I was shocked! So I switched my plan.

    This is how I look at it. I am playing $10 a month more for a considerably larger calling area than Sprint's. Granted, the internet is considerably slower on AT&T, but I use my device primarily as a phone.

    So there you have it. Just switch to the unlimited $24.95 plan, and if the representative can't locate the plan in their "system" direct them to the website, it's there under their mMode plans.
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    Note that the $24.95 mMode plan only covers data to that device (in your case your Treo.) If you use your Treo as a modem to your laptop via PDA Net for example, mMode supposedly does not apply. Not sure how they detect this, but they told me you would then incur data plan charges.

    So if you will only be accessing the web for your Treo you should be OK, if not .....

    In my case, I have stuck with AT&T because I call a lot (and sometimes travel) into Canada. As they own Rogers up there they seem to be the only one with a reasonable plan that doesn't add per minute and long distance charges.
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    spVeyx - that was great news until I called attwireless. now I do understand that some reps may not know of what they speak so it could be a mistake on the part of the person I just spoke with but they indicated that the treo 600 cannot use the mmode. I checked the link for mmode gsm phones and sure enough the treo 600 was not one of the phones listed.

    so question is who is right, your sales rep, the one I spoke to, and/or the mmode phone link web page?

    is it possible that mmode is a data transfer interface that a treo does not use but other phones do? she did indicate that my 8mb internet feature was different from a mmode 8mb feature (cost was the same at $19.99) though.

    anyone else has been using the mmode for web/email interface on a att treo 600?

    last since the rep said that mmode was not considered a 'data plan' then it would mean I could not use the mmode even if it worked for my amazon $100 rebate.
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    motor - the rep I spoke to said mMode was available for the Treo. She also indicated that data plans, are not the same as commiting for two years. Just as you can change your rate plan during your 2 year commitment, you can change or drop your data plan (including mMode) at any time.

    I believe the rebate from Amazon only states that you buy it with a $19.99 plan. Once the purchase from Amazon is completed it is AT&T that administers your account. I believe the worst you would have to do is keep the data plan until you get your rebate.
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    Honestly motor, she might be right, but I'm sure if you were to call back and speak to a different rep. they might be able to switch you over. Just say you're "interesting in switching to the $24.95 unlimited plan."

    I have been using the $24.95 plan for almost a month now for both tethering and using data on the device. As far as I can tell, and what their online account management tool suggests, all data that I have used has fallen under the $24.95 unlimited plan.

    So give AT&T a shout back.

    I am fairly certain your rebate would still apply because it specifies that you need to be on an internet/mMode plan of $19.95 or higher, which in this case you would be.
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    thanks for all the info. I'm still on the fence about att. I need to check t-mobile rate plan for unlimited internet access. I did check out some very old post on the att forum for the treo 600 & mmode. Attached is a jpg of a few post made on the subject.

    I infer that mmode is attws trailored web site/pages for mobile cell phones (i.e. ones with small screen?) and that although u can use mmode on a treo 600 u can not see/access all the mmode protal sites yet u can go to any internet side by using mmode.

    Is mmode the same speed as there 'att wireless mobile internet data plans'? Would guess so.

    and no my rebate doesn't say a internet/mmode data plan. the word 'mmode' is not listed anywhere on my rebate form so guess i might have to live with my 8mb/month until rebate came in.

    thanks again for info
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