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    To all who own the Treo, is it capable of being carried using a lanyard(or handstrap) ? No w that the cameraless version is out, I am thinking of going to this unit from my I500, but I simply love the Power Rivet carrying option and using the lanyard hole on my I500 for the belt clip strap. Is there a similar hole on the Treo that I could use for this option also? None of the pictures that I see show a lanyard connection hole, but then again I don't see this as a major selling point, and being stuck at work I have no way today to get to the Sprint store to check out a unit in person. Thanks for the help,
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    A little help please, as I see this has been viewed 37 times already and no one can answer yes or no whether this has a lanyard hole on it or not, so that I may accomplish what I would like to do????
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    There is no lanyard hole on camera version. I think it is too dangerous to carry my treo by lanyard hole if it has one.
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    Thanks for all the valuable info. I didn't think that it had a lanyard hole, but I would sure love one (may have to go the drilling route) as of all the cases and mounts I have had, the Power Rivet using the lanyard mount is the best and most secure. I wouldn't give it a second thought about using mine as a mount, as the I500 is just as costly and heavy as the T600, and I have used it for months without a drop, break, accidental release, or anything else that occured with my normal cases. Using the lanyard allows the device to stay close to your body and be less cumbersome, thus lessening alot of the possibilities of breakage or release like other cases, and you don't even know you are wearing it.

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