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    I had a Sony Ericson t68i until refcently when I got my new Treo 600; I have been trying to change my ATT welcome screen and add a wallpaper and a screensaver with the BMW logo; Tried and multiple sites;tried BMW sites, tried tranf from my T68i but failed.

    please help

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    here you go is this what your looking for? soz for the huge link
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    Here is a BMW dial pad for you...
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    Here is a screen shot of the Dial Pad
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    LAGuppie: somehow I downloaded the file BMW SPCS.PRC and now I cannot get rid of it and re-establish my original dial pad; Please instruct me on how to restore my original pad

    Thank you

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    You need to use a program called Filez (freeware), which will delete anything. There are a lot of threads that discuss this issue if you need more help, but it's not hard.

    I thought my BMW Dial Pad was pretty cool, I just don't happen to be a BMW owner. What did you think?
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    I couldn't tell. I downloaded it but it doesn't appear as a choice for wallpaper on the Treo600. How does it install? Beats the Hell out of me....

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