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    I'm a newbie actually waiting for Verizon to send me my Treo 600.

    I'm confused about whether I actually need additional e-mail and browser programs. Why would I use Snappermail, etc. vs what is included on the Treo? Is it just that these programs are better than the bundled software?

    Also, on the intellisync, does your computer have to be logged in or just on? Leaving it on makes sense, but leaving it logged on while out of the office creates network -- and personal -- security issues.

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    I have never looked at the default mailer, as it was not available when I got my first Treo 600. I use SnaperMail and Chatter for email. As for the browser, Blazer does ok for me.
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    the built in e-mail app is ok if you only need pop3 access, I don't think it let's you create folders and stuff though. Blazer is fine for me, sometimes augmented using or
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