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    If you have Sprint and you dial ##744 you will receive a Signal Strength menu that features an RSSI field with a numeral beside it and below that an EC/LO field again with a numeral beside it.

    I understand that RSSI stands for Received Signal Strength Indicator, but I am not sure about EC/LO. Furthermore, I am not sure how to interpret the numbers.

    It appears that when I have more signal strength bars, the RSSI number is lower. And when I have almost no signal the RSSI is in the 105 range. Moreover, when I dial the debug menu, the RSSI number is the same, but with a negative (-) symbol next to it.

    Someone please help out here.

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    EC/LO is a telecom signal baseline measurement. I am not familiar with the acronym. Please try not to double post.

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